Locked Both Sets of Keys in My Car

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  1. Ok so i forgot my papers in my car. I went to get them but i left my main keys in my center counsel with my bowl, eye drops, and grinder. I know it was really stupid of me haha but what's done is done so im wondering, in the first place, how do i get into my car? Secondly, if i have to have someone open it for me can I somehow avoid having whoever opens my door to find that in my center console?
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    thats not smoking paraphernalia
  3. I don't think anyone would start rummaging through your car after they opened it for you, but I guess if you're worried about that, you could always go buy one of many tools to get into your car, or ask a locksmith to make you a new key
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    If all else fails
  5. call someon to open it tell them your ex tried to make you mad by locking it with keys inside with all the stuff in the console ;)
  6. Why would you ask a bunch of stoners on an internet forum what to do? Go get a slim jim jiggle keys or call aaa
  7. call you buddy and tell him, if hes got green he'll prob smoke you out for you misfortune. Then call AAA.
  8. go get a slim jim. If you didn't have your stash in your car, I'd say call the cops. They aren't supposed to do it, but lots of times they'll pop open your doors for you.

    if not, then call a locksmith. After the locksmith pops your door his job is done, he wont be rummaging through your car or your stuff
  9. I've locked my keys in my car. Called AAA, the guy who opened my car didn't go into it to get my keys, I did it myself. =/
  10. I called up the locksmith last time this happened but didn't think to ask how much it would cost first.

    It was $100. Fuckkkk.... I thought it would be like 20 or 30 bucks. :( I got AAA next day.
  11. I locked myself out on 4/20, of course I was stoned and had shit in my car so I wasn't calling the cops or a locksmith I had like 10 bucks. I called my friend and he took me to get a slim Jim which didn't really work so we got a drunk guy to get it open with a hanger, they work wonders.
  12. Good advice blades. It was a for sure *facepalm* moment. I'm gonna see how much AAA charges and I'll go from there.

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    Slim Jim

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