Lock your doors tonight southern Ontarioans

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  1. Shit this is soo close to me. Like a 30 minute drive. Its got me paranoid and i'm sure smoking all this weed doesnt help matters much.


    \t\t\t\t\t\t Windsor murder suspect now sought in elderly couple's slaying

    Last Updated: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 | 8:10 PM ET

    CBC News

    \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t A man wanted in one homicide is now a suspect in the slaying of an elderly couple in their home that has left residents of a rural Ontario town on edge.
    Jesse Imeson, 22, was already sought on a Canada-wide warrant for last week's killing of a Windsor-area bartender.
    [​IMG]Jesse Imeson, 22, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for first-degree murder in the killing of a Windsor, Ont., bartender and is also being sought in connection with the slayings of an elderly couple near Grand Bend.
    (Ontario Provincial Police)
    Late Tuesday afternoon, provincial police named him as a suspect in the couple's deaths.
    William Regier, 72, and his 73-year-old wife, Helena, were found dead Monday afternoon in their rural home near Grand Bend, on the shore of Lake Huron about 80 kilometres northwest of London in southwestern Ontario, police said.
    "We now have reasonable and probable grounds to believe Jesse Norman Imeson is the person responsible for the murders of Mr. and Mrs. Regier," said Ontario Provincial Police Insp. Dave Cardwell at a news conference. "As a result, we are in the process of issuing a Canada-wide warrant for him."
    Describing the suspect as armed and "extremely dangerous," Cardwell repeatedly warned residents to call police if they spotted the suspect, but not to approach him. "He's unpredictable, in my view."

    Imeson is already wanted for first-degree murder in the death of Carlos Rivera, 26, a bartender at a gay club in Windsor. Rivera was reported missing Wednesday and his decomposing body was found at Imeson's Windsor apartment Thursday night, local newspapers reported.
    Police are unsure whether Imeson is still in the area and have expanded their search into other parts of the province, though they didn't specify where.
    As many as 20 hours may have elapsed from the time of the Regiers' deaths until their bodies were found, said Cardwell.

    'Everyone's scared'

    Cardwell tried to assure locals that everything is being done to track down Imeson and keep a close eye on the community by beefing up the police presence. But that has done little to quell fears.
    Some residents in the South Huron community that includes Grand Bend packed their bags to stay at motels or with nearby relatives, seeking safety in numbers, said local Coun. Jim Dietrich.
    "Everyone's scared. There are people that are kind of moving in with one another to be in groups," said Dietrich, whose mother, daughter and grandson temporarily moved in with him Monday night.
    Dietrich, who lives about six kilometres from the slain couple, said they were "very very nice" people, who were well-respected in the community and involved in a local Catholic church.
    The man was a retired school janitor who owned a mixed farm with poultry and crops.
    Dietrich said police are telling locals little more than to keep their car and house doors locked.
    "I wish we could hear more [from police] so we knew what was going on as a community," he said. "It's an awful thing. It's scary. I just hope it's soon over with."
    Police seek two vehicles

    Investigators suspect the couple's vehicle was stolen, and warned the public to be on the lookout for a grey 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck with the licence plate JK8 334.
    They are also looking for another vehicle that may be related to the double slaying: a green 2005 Ford Taurus with the licence plate AXSR 755 that was stolen July 22 from a home in a nearby township. Police said it's only a vehicle of interest at this time.
    \t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t

  2. My guess is that they will probably find him now that the whole town is on lookout for that car.
  3. I use to go camping around sauble beach, Glad I did'nt this year now. Damn that must suck being 22 and up for murder. Like they were a old couple who would'nt even harm anyone. Wut a sick dude.
  4. LOL -- he's coming for you!

    The story about that chick he was with a few nights ago who's now under police protection also amused me... it talked about how her Facebook page has pictures of two "marijuana buds" and "indicated her cause of choice was legalizing pot" or something along those lines.

    Anyways... will be a fun manhunt to watch develop.
  5. You Canadians better hop over the boarder... and become Americans... before its too late! :p
  6. Sure, if we want to go to a country with over ten times more crime......

    I hate when this shit happens.

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