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  1. well thats my problem right now.. im gonna be in the city all summer long working full time and I really wanted to do some growing this year.

    I am living at home so i cant grow here cause of parents and what not. I live in a pretty big city my countries capital to be clear. there are many parks and stuff but obviously cant grow there. would it be worth it to drive an hour out of the city and find a nice place in the forest or what ever

    anybody whose got some ideas will be Exremely appreciated!!!!!
  2. I would suggest making some friends that you really trust then you could set up a grow at one of their houses and offer to give them a couple oz or something.
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    google earth my brotha, but if its done right you can disguise it and fit in a couple plants anywhere i live in a city too and im growing in 2 of the parks down the road from my house and if someone found them they woudve had to have a dog because theyre really hidden also one of my biggest things on google earth is to look for places that are completely cut off my highways and train tracks or rivers or something so it really makes it a pain in the ass to get there another one of my spots is in a state park like 8 mins in from a huge neighborhood but that spot you have to crawl through a tunnel of raspberry prickers on your stomach + youd have to know how to get to the tunnel of prickers

    but for example one spot im looking at for next year an off ramp on this highway makes a complete circle so there is no way anyone would possibly be in there becuase ud have to hike in then cross the off ramp to get to your spot the more u google earth the more strategically u start to think about it lol after uve looked at the same spots a hundred times you start to think about the little nooks no one really goes into

    good luck to you man, it is gettin a lil late in the season tho so if ur doing it this year id jump on it

    p.s. google earth is a little outdated so when i find a great spot like i did this spring but never used i printed out every hiking map in the area as well as google earth pics and every other satilite site i could find pinpoint rivers and avoid trails...its also a hell of a lot easier with a gps i can find a spot on google earth or vice versa and either find it with my gps or be able to see where it is on google earth and its really helpful, also gps grows are like a guerrilla as u can get put one here one there and mark every one theres no way they could find all ofthem if anyone knew about it...basically u wouldnt be ruined if one was found. but its all about the lst when ur guerilla growing make it bush out and blend in with the surrounding area when i go to the park down the road from my house i always go OMG SOMEONE ATE OR STOLE THEM and then a couple of mins later im like oh jesus its still alive and its a beast its also nice for those grows because they disguise better when u just put it in the natural soil their which makes it so cheap(though i wouldnt do that without having heavily rooted cuttings or just well established roots like dont just throw some seedlings in because theres a 90% chance youl lose em)

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