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Where are you from [live now]?

  1. Northeast [North America]

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  2. Southeast [North America]

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  3. Midwest [North America]

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  4. West [North America]

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  5. Eastern Europe

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  6. Western Europe

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  7. South America

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  8. Asia

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  1. Well, I'm from the South East in North America...One of the Originating 13 colonies, the farthest southern 13 colonies actually. Just wondering where everyone else is from.
  2. Orygun..good ol northwest
  3. I live on a rather long island somewhere in the North East U.S. ;)
  4. Sorry NuBBin I didn't break the poll down to north west and southwest...Is Oregon as Liberal as they say? Peace WG
  5. my town is the VERY southwest tip of mainland canada. we got the border to the south, and the pacific to the west. nice little place though.

    great weather always, and even greater BUDZZZZ!!!!!
  6. from the land of dead parrots, vikings and really good beer. shame about the weed harvest beeing so modest, but we really can't grow it outside here. still: NO WAY, no wrong, sorry, that was NO WAR, dude, again, erm, NORWAY!!!!
  7. Canadians, alaskans, Austrailians, and all the others who arent mentioned in the options just supposed to click the nearest option huh? ;p
  8. Southeast America. Tennessee to be exact.
  9. London, England
  10. Florida.......the planet we dont have DEA here!=D

  11. Oh Yeah Florida going Next Week Gonna b a laugh 1st time to the states for me gonna live it up to the max too.
  12. Hhaha yah I read in an earlier post....are you going to south florida? If so the bud is good(As long as you dont buy it off the streets...) and so is the women=D..
  13. I forgot that people lived in Canada :) -- Alaskans would be West--sort of :) -- I'll do better next poll, give me a little props it was my first poll
  14. im in michigan, if you look at the state and move your head back and forth, it looks like its waving!!

  15. digit?
  16. northeast :)

  17. ny, fo'sho..... im on the same island...... right on da beach....
  18. Pennsylvania, too :D
  19. Am I the only person in Georgia? I can't be the only smoker in GA...can I? No I'm in the Bible belt, there are plenty of high people here :) Maybe a moderator could edit the poll and put a choice for Canada, I forgot that it was inhabital apparently...Sorry
  20. I live in the dirty south. From the redneck state of Arkansas. Its not the best state to live in but people are pretty cool for the most part. Marijuana laws suck for sure down here.

    Fight for legalization
    write your senators
    write any gov official
    speak out
    make a difference
    become the president and legalize marijuana
    do something!


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