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  1. I've been smoking Mary Jane for about the past year now and can say it has become a big part f my life but I've mostly stuck to pipes joints bowls and blunts... My friend then got a bubbler and I can honestly say I've never been so high in my life and it was awesome. That being said I'm going to invest in a bubbler but I'm not 100% prevent sure where to keep it... I hide my pipe and weed in an air sealed container in my ceiling tile but I doubt I'll be able to find an air seal container big enough for a bubbler... My parents don't condone smoking so I'm wondering how bad the smell would be and if there would be any suggestions on a better spot... Thanks in advance for your help!
    well you can always get a small bubbler.... or just clean it after you're done every time and you'll never worry about smell.
    for glass pieces (any): rubbing alcohol + salt. that's it. pour into piece. cover holes. shake (careful not to drop it)
    repeat if necessary.
    if you keep it clean you wont need to worry about sealing it, just wrap it in a sheet and shove it somewhere
  3. Keep it in a backpack in ur garage or something. Wrap it in some ziploc bags put it in a backpack the put the backpack anywhere.

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  4. Alright awesome... Thanks!
    Would a water pipe have essentially the same purpose?
  5. I have a tiny little cooler that's always sat next to my bed with my alarm clock and a few waterbottles on it. I keep my little 12" straight tube bong and my 5" bubbler in it. Don't even have to clean them every time, still no smell. (Still clean the bubbler every time, as they get dirty very quick.)

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