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  1. I am going to College and am renting a room. My room has a little unfinished room off of it that is only accessable through my room. It is light proof and ventilated. It has a sewing desk and a shelf above it. I think it would be perfect to grow in. My landlord knows i smoke but would kill me if i grew. She would never physically see in that room. She doesnt go in my room at all. My room generally smells slightly of herb anyways. How good of an idea is it to grow there?
  2. just do it and if you get caught tell her this is the only way i can pay for rent =/
  3. I dunno man, sounds iffy which means there's doubt involved. You're already asking people on a message board if you should grow. Personally, I wouldn't do it, but if you must I wish you luck. Just make sure you buy a carbon filter to kill odor.

    Welcome to the board, btw.
  4. how good of an idea is it to get evicted?

    sounds low risk to me as long as you take your odor control seriously and you have a seperate power bill from your landlord.
  5. :D
  6. Renting a room -- meaning a room in someone else's house, right?

    I advise against growing in that situation, it is not fair to your landlord.
  7. i would do it as long as you can be positive your landlord wont turn you over to the cops in the case they find out, and ya, control the odor somehow cause otherwise itll probably be what gets you caught
  8. <<:bolt: unless your looking to die

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