Locally blown inline bubbler

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  1. whats the deal GC? just picked up a new piece from a friend of mine he only had it for a month but hardly used it so he sold it to me( i actually went with him to get it and would have bought it if i had all the cash, and he sold it to me for less than he bought it so it worked out good for me) Its a locally blown gong inline bubbler with 8 holes not slit's. The diffusion on this thing is insane you barley have to pull and it stacks to the top of the can, no drag either.
    ^bowl it came with^
    ^my bowl^
    ^pic of inline^
    ^current family^

    well, tell me whatcha think GC!!
  2. Looks pretty awesome. Milk? :bongin:
  3. Fuckin' awesome, I still have yet to hit an inline..milk that shit up
  4. yeah this is only the 2nd inline i have ever hit and I must say its game changing.i was literally shocked at how smooth the hits were out of this thing for its size. Ill see if I can get a milk vid up, got nothing to do besides smoke and play MW3 tonight anyways so chances are HIGH.
  5. BA DUM TSH :laughing:
  6. it isn't letting me upload this milkvid i get to like 85% and the it says error website not responding please try again later or some shit. im gonna give it a few then try again
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpnihoeLcH8]Inline bubbler - YouTube[/ame]

    just said fuck it and did it through youtube, tell me whatcha think.
  8. have to admit, its awesome to literally see every single hole function at the same time.

    Dont get to see that much with slit inline diffusers.
  9. Dude, that thing is fucking badass:metal:
  10. yeah i actually shook hands with the guy the made it he gave me a business card and said he anything were to happen to it he would fix it free of charge just email or call him. really cool guy and quality glass made close to home, who could complain ? but yeah im really happy with it and its buy far the smoothest hitting piece i own and i think it may be my new daily driver.
  11. 140 views and only 9 replies and half of those are mine, was expecting a lil larger response. come on fellow blades show some love!!
  12. Shit damn good bro! Let me get that blowers info haha! How much was it in the store??
  13. Damn thats really nice, Ive never hit any bubbler like that before. Looks like a lot of fun ahaha
  14. actually it wasn't purchased from a store i was with my friend when he bought it but it was purchased from a tent at hempfest. The companys Gazmuri Glass I know he's on etsy they guy was really cool my friend bought this bubbler and i bought an ice pinch slide with a worked handle he spent roughly 160 on it and i bought it off him for 130. glad i did because this thing rips
  15. that shake change bank is the shit bro
  16. Thats a nice piece man, Id love to hit an inline for once.

    On a unrelated note, is Devin The Dude any good live?
  17. yeah man pickup an inline by any means possible its worth it. and yes devin is the shit live if you get a chance don't miss out.

  18. yeah, i made it back in high school in ceramics along with meatwad i never got around to making frylock though o well here's some better pic's of them


    i got mad ceramics skills:D
  19. Not going to lie, that piece is pretty legit.
  20. Nice how much ya get em for?

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