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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by LimpinandPimpin, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. I have seen alot of people in here from USA, especially Texas, just wondered where ya'll are located. I am in Texas, more direct Central Texas.
  2. Ha... I'm near San Antonio.
  3. I am outside Waco, I hope to be movin to Austin next January.
  4. QUEENS, NYC up in herrrr.....smokin the fine NYC Budss....wha-what
  5. Georgia right hizhere......Felin fine and ridin the time...
  6. Downtown Fort Worth here. TCU student.
  7. I'm in TN. I used to live in Texas, about an hour east of Dallas.
  8. england, not really anywhere near you ;)
  9. GA's where i stay
  10. boston mass here
  11. Pittsburgh PA and Roanoke VA
  12. Fort McMurray Alberta Canada.... same buds as in BC.... nothin but the finest herbs are in my stash box....
  13. Rochester NY its upstate right between Syracuse and Buffalo and right at the heart of Lake Ontario. i cant wait till the fast ferry is built cause it will be cheap and take u from here to toronto real fast. due to come out durin april or so i think.
  14. Leeds, England
  15. Whoops. I forgot to list, that during the summer I'm in Clinton, Connecticut (near New Haven).
  16. i live in OP, kansas now.... but i used to live in dallas
  17. Pennsylvania

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