Local Water Supply is 350 ppm!!!

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  1. By any standards, this is hard water. Is this likely to cause nute lockout in my ladies? Is there anything I can do about this?
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    You're in luck I just solved my issue yesterday. Mine was at the limit 500ppm, it was causing nutes to not stay in solution.

    I went with the more expensive option, a GE household filtration system, it was about 50 bucks, and you'll need some hoses and adaptors to hook it up.

    The cheaper option is the RV inline filters, they are about 20 bucks.

    Also, someone will probably tell you need reverse osmosis, you don't, I mean those are good, but not necessary and if you had a reverse osmosis you would need a pre-filter anyway with those kind of numbers.

    Good luck
  3. I went with the Merlin Garden Pro RO system with Tall Blue prefilters. I used to run one of the smaller RO systems... I think it was the Stealth 200, but the flow rate was just too slow for my needs. The Merlin keeps up, but I may go with The Producer.
  4. Thank you, fellow degnerate stoners- I love technology!!!
  5. whats your ppm at now?
  6. 50's :smoking:

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