local vs established glass

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  1. Guy's am looking for opinions. I've got some nice pieces but was wondering, is local better than reputable high end glass? What holds value and is most attractive to you. ..a name brand like bmw or a nice local piece? I realize its preference but everyone talks names not really artwork /uniqueness. I do worry you might give up a little buying local but I love supporting local. Being in Utah not a lot of nice local pieces. Weigh in please on your feelings vs local and established brands. .
  2. Depends. Some local work is really nice and the price is nice also. Thats when i buy local. But a couple of my lhs charge way to much for local stuff, then its like you might as well spend a few more for the established. I mean you can get shitty stuff either way if you dont know what you are doing... You will know when you are looking what you think is gona suit you better.
  3. Living in the Bay Area I'd go local first, just because I like the idea of supporting upcoming artists. I have some ideas for my next piece and I've already picked out the blower, although I haven't told him yet :D Even if I wanted a super experienced craftsman to do a piece I could go local.

    Utah on the other hand, I don't know. I guess it comes down to what sort of gap in your collection you need filled.

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