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    Have these available in bulk. Am going to grow in 6 gal. pots outside. One plant per pot. Any thoughts on which mix to consider ? They are sold by the yard.

    1. 60% topsoil - 30% compost - 10% sand $25

    2. 45% topsoil - 45% Glacier Gold Compost - 10% sand $35

    3. topsoil - Glacier Gold Compost - Peat - Sand - Perlite/Vermiculite mix. $55

    Would it be OK to start a seed in these mixes ?

    I have amendments on hand (Kelp Meal - Bat Guano - Worm Castings) but am reluctant to use with new sprouts.....Should I use these with any of the mixes above ? Am going to give "Hollands Hope" a shot.....

  2. Well option #1 is no. Topsoil is usually pretty clay heavy which is good for moisture
    retention but bad for MJ really.

    I'd go with #2 since you are planning on adding soil amendments yourself anyways. Yeah
    it should be fine for seedlings. If you're scared, just try one seed first.. let it get a few
    leaf sets then plant the others.

    #3 is probably overprices. You can buy your own perlite to mix in, and perlite is a must have!
    Get some nice fat horticulture perlite, about pea sized, for your grow.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. It will be #2 or #3. Called and they will sell 1/2 a yard which should be plenty to fill 4 containers. Will 6 Gal. pots be adequate ?
  4. yeah they should be, you could probably go bigger though, if you wanted, since they'll be outside
  5. Yeah you gotta presume at least 1 gallon of soil per foot of vertical growth, but outdoor
    plants can be MONSTEROUS in size so I'd go bigger if I were you.

    Some guys on here are using like 40-60 gallon pots for big outdoor grows. Check out
    Dankohzee's swamp grow for 2009.. wowzers :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. wow, why not just use the soil in the ground if youre going to use a 60 gallon pot, haha
  7. It's better in case you have to move them for any number of reasons, poor light, or
    trespassers for example. Also better for controlling drainage, etc.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. If you have a few extra bucks and really want to kick start your soil, be sure to add
    some mycorrhzae fungi like this on ebay.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  9. It's my understanding that White Label Hollands Hope 100% indica does not get that tall, like some sativa plants. A 6' or 7' plant should do me just fine, thinkin that I can move a 6 gal. pot much easier than trying to horse around a 60 gal. drum. Gettin kind of "long in the tooth" for that.
    Will look at "mycorrhzae fungi", honestly I have never heard that before....Always like to learn somethin new !!

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