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  1. Almost all the stoners i know go to my friends house to buy and/or smoke weed. His parents are chill with people taking bong hits in his basement and joints and blunts in his garage. At any given time even on a weekday afternoon there will be at least 3/4 people lurking around his house playing video games, smoking kush or playing basketball. on the weekends it may even be like 15 people lol. Everyone just has a great time :bongin:
    any similar stories?

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  3. sounds really nice. but you are putting those parents in the situation where one person can make one phone call and all that badass shit is gona go bye bye, while those parents sit ina jail cell for child endangerment and broke because all the other greddy parents sued them for what they got
    i mean dont talk about those places, because people that shouldnt know WILL find out and that would really suck
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    Only Kush? So you just go over there to take a nap?
  5. sitting on my couch smoking a blunt of blue dream in front of the HD reading this on the interwebs thinking.. the fuck?
  6. This is true!! I learned the hard way. At least my parents didn't get in shit, I took the fall like I should. 
    When I was in high school I was pushing product. 
    Lunch times there would be at least a good 4 or more people there. I remember one day there was 14 people in my room. Really crazy sesh's all the time. Game out on the N64 too. 
    After school and weekends there would be a steady stream of people throughout the day. 
    Good times. Big mistake though. Looking back, Wouldn't have been so bad to have a house like that again if it was a house I owned. 
    nahhh, i decide that
  8. Sounds nice, but i'm glad my parents were never like that I couldn't stand the place where I stay being the center of attention like that.
    Don't get my wrong I hung out way back when I was in HS at places like that just would never want that to be my house.
    Glad my parents were my parents and not my friends.

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