Local school boy gets hooked on marijuana

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  1. It was on my local tv today about lunch time a story of a school kid who started smoking marijuan from the age of 12 and says it ruined his life from being addicted to it.

    both the boy and his mum blamed marijuan for him turning violent and trashing the house and for stealing money to fund his marijuana use and some spokes woman on the tv station claimed that marijuana damages the brain and is linked to mental health problems.

    They where taking emails from the viewers on the subject and alot of people emailed in saying that they take marijuana and said its never done anything bad too them.

    Programs like this tick me off because people like the spokes woman never ever take things in to consideration like yeah marijuana can bring out mental health problems that people already have if you smoke when your depressed or feeling paranoid then yes its going to make those feelings worse and the thing about MJ causing brain damage is questionable
    because the research behind those claims where messed up. They took a bunch of monkeys hooked them up to a face mask full of marijuana smoke which then caused them to suffocate and if any living thing suffocates that caused brain damage.

    What gets me is that they allow people to buy and abuse alcohol and for some people alcohol ruins lives and many people are killed from alcohol but its legal to buy and use alcohol.

    I understand that mj can cause problems for some people and not others but i do not believe that smoking Mj has ever killed anyone.

    What are your thoughts on this story of the school kid who is now said to be a adict of marijuana.
  2. The kid is just using it as an excuse for his temper tantrum. Fucking kid.
  3. Couldnt agree with your more. I have been doing mj on and off since i was 18 and iv never had any problems with it.
  4. Ive been smoking since I was 12...

    I had lots of problems growing up including dropping out of high school but that had to do with other stuff(including myself, yes I do take responsibility). But I got my GED at 16 and have been in college since I was 17. So if you think about it then smoking weed really just got me out of Florida's HORRIBLE education system and gave me a head start to my career which I'm now pursuing:hello::hello::hello:. I figure ill have my bachelors from a major university(id rather not say which) by the time im 21. :D:D
  5. I "dropped" out as well, but finished at a go at your own pace type private school. I was able to finish a year early, I have since earned a Bachelors Degree and am currently in Grad school. Still unemployed though, not because of marijuana, but because of the shit economy.

  6. What bullshit. Its the mothers fault. I really think if your 12 and your able to hide weed use from your parents they have to be not paying enough attention. I just couldnt fathom starting that early. Even though i only started a few years after that age.

    Even that aside its still ridiculous that they blame weed for anger issues. haha:devious:
  7. Smoking marijuana while your brain is in its early stages of development is a very bad idea. But then so is drinking or smoking or taking an adult dosage of medication. The problem is not inherrant in marijuana, but in the age of which the kid started smoking it.
  8. The kid is defiantely using it as a getaway from trouble.....
  9. That's like a murderer saying "THIS KNIFE RUINED MY LIFE"
  10. Too be honest not every parent knows the signs. I smoked pot when i was 17 even did it in the living room and my mum walked in. She knew i smoked roll ups but she did not know what marijuana smelt like. My dad however did as he knew what it smells like.

    But once you smell it you never forget that smell.

    Still i think that kid is stupid at 12 years old. But saying that i know someone who did it at the age of 14 but he was not all over the news saying how it messed his life up because basically it didn't. He did have anger problems but it was not because of the weed. Iv never known weed to make people angry and start throwing things. If someone got a good hit of indica they would not be able to get up let alone wreck anything.
  11. If you can't control a 12 year old, you're a mental midget. Good job, mom. :rolleyes:
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    Cannabis smoking causes a highly disproportionate negative incident rate. That is, I'd estimate that 10-50 out of every 100,000 smokers feels those effects on a regular basis, maybe less, but I'm just estimating, or more accurately speaking, guestimating. And I highly, highly doubt cannabis is the cause of that boy's problems. Even without weed, he probably would have been terrible in a different way. Just because the two correlate does not mean that it was caused by cannabis!

    If that doesn't convince you, maybe this colorful interpretation of this quote will.
    By the sound of this family, they don't sound very intelligent. It's like a bunch of hicks going, "Yeah this here marijuana done made my son stupid and angry." That's their interpretation, which is most likely wrong, based on other scientific and empirical evidence.
  13. God i would love to punch that kid right in the face.
  14. to be fair, its probably not the best for a 12 year old to start smoking on a regular basis. since the brain is still very much developing and all.
  15. Actually cannabis is remarkably safe for anyboyd. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the amount of cannabis in medicine that was taken by infants and pregnant women in a day is equal to what we consume in a month or two. That's from Jack Herer's book The Emperor Wears no Clothes. Even among smokers, we don't realize just how safe this drug is.
  16. I know a 12 year old who smoked pot and he turned out ok. He didnt get angry.
    When i started smoking the first lot i had i can remember it relaxed me gave me a nice kind of high and enhanced the music i was listening too. The second time made me fall back in my seat and enjoy watching scary movie 2.

    Skunk was my fav. It took a small amount and gave me the best effect
    But never ever has weed got me angry if anything its taken away my stress.
  17. The parents can't blame themselves so they blame harmless cannabis.

    Stoopid parents...
  18. dumb ass kid and stupid parents. I bet the kid thought he was so smart blaming mj for his problems so he wouldn't get in trouble, but then it blew up in his face.
  19. Propaganda has become a fucking business.
  20. Business and propaganda are synonyms. It's been that way since the caveman first lied.

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