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  1. Hey guys just been breaking in my new bowl (first bowl Ive ever bought actaully) since I mainly stick to vaping. Ive been appreciated the chillness of passing a bowl though. So I made it a point to visit my local headshop that I never seem to leave without new glass.

    Here it is. There were whatd Id consider nicer bowls there with very trippy honercombs and other designs but I like the simplicity and neatness that this bowl has.
    Let me know what you think!

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  2. dope! as long as you like it, thats all that matters. I've been vaping a lot myself but its not quite the same as smoking.
  3. damn, thats a nice ass pipe man i love the design
  4. Thanks kiefsweet. Im jealous of the piece you just posted up though. So sick
  5. very clean.. i dig it.
  6. That piece is pretty sick man!
  7. i've never seen a design like that. Have fun smoking that beautiful piece.
  8. Nice pipe man. I love fat carbs lol
  9. Sick pipe man, I love it! Hope you're enjoying it today!
  10. the bowl itself looks really deep and fat. how much you pay for that? just wondering
  11. I would pay up to $30 for that piece
  12. Looks really nice man.
  13. nice little pipe there im looking for one about the same size and colours, dope! :smoking:
  14. Nice bowl. The colors remind me of the condiments I put on hot dogs. Ketchup, mustard, relish, and sometimes onion...lol
  15. Bowl was stolen two days ago :( Fuck thieves
  16. [quote name='"beatadrum"']Bowl was stolen two days ago :( Fuck thieves[/quote]

    Cant fucking trust anyone anymore it's sad
  17. so weak! people get shitty when the economy sucks but I guess theres always jerks out there no matter what
  18. Damn, dude. That bowl's trippy.

    I like it! Have fun using that thing!
  19. Trippy!

    How much something like that run you?

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