Local headshop SUCKS

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  1. So, Sheries place is the headshop for Roanoke, Va.
    It SUCKS, plain and simple.:(
    Some pieces are beautiful, others you can tell are basically factory made.
    On average a chillum cost $35 just if its colored. BULLSHIT. An average spoon is $70.
    Their prices suck, and their service sucks.
    The people who work their are rude. Its not a chill place at all.
    Everything is overpriced. They probably double what the artist charges them.
    RIDICULOUS. Its annoying. Its the only place in town.
    Maybe ill be a small buisness owner, open up my own headshop with a more creative name than "______'s place" and then show them up.
    Yuck. Whoever Sherie is, she needs to fire her whole staff and rehire, and then lower her damn prices. :mad:
  2. Hahaha, damn that sucks. Weve got some nice shops in Fresno. But I still have a dream of opening a Headshop/Reptile shop called "The Rivers of Babylon"
  3. Bummer, sounds like you need to order online.

    Over here in Tampa is good as well Smoke, we have shops called like Purple Haze, Lost in the Dark, all kinds of crazy shit!
  4. The local shop I go to is called The Last Place On Earth lol GREAT service great atmosphere and they have so much stuff you could ever want lol. it is badass I am lucky to live by it.

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  5. Drive down to blacksburg area... I went to Virginia Tech, and there were at least 3 reasonable headshops I went to down in that area... I have friends in Roanoke who say its about a 45 minute drive. (Sorry, i don't remember the names of the shops... one of em was something with "dreams" in it I think...)
  6. I live in a relatively small town (120K pop) and we have a lot of headshops lol.

    The Looking Glass
    The Other Side
    Happy Shack
    Beluh 42
    Adult Video Warehouse
    Love Shack (owned by the same people as Happy Shack)
    Smokers Outlet
    BG's Herb Shop
  7. That blows. I guess I should be grateful I have a selection. A few places around here are over priced just got to look around though, all have cool pieces and rad people.
  8. i live in california, and on top of that right by venice.... venice and la/hollywood is loaded with head shops... im a lucky bastard:D
  9. Lets be entrepreneurs together!!! lolz
    I have a ball python!
  10. =]
    I can only imagine how many awesome headshops cali must have. I went once to LA, Hollywood, Anaheim on a school trip. And to some peer...cnt remember the name of it, It was wooden with carnival rides and tons of vendors. The beaches were crowded..I stepped on a sand shovel. Never got to look around for any shops cuz of the whole "school" trip thing lol.
    I gotsta go check out blacksburg
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    blacksburg is the shit :)
    I'm sure christiansburg has some shops too, but I don't know em.

    I haven't been to BBurg in like 4 years, so who knows what is still around... I just remembered another shop... I've marked up a map with the approximate locations I remember the shops being:


    EDIT: A and C might need to be a block further down on south main... not sure
  12. $70 a fucking SPOON???!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Fuck that. Just order off of GC.
  13. Aw ty :D
    Had u ever gone to sheries place?
  14. At least you have one. There's none within a 200 mile radius to me.
  15. I'm sorry. We have Ripple City and Expressions in Greenville, NC. Both are awesome shops with awesome people, prices and pieces! Three P's. :O
  16. your welcome, hope that helps :)

    I've only been to Roanoke a few times, never out to Sherries.
  17. "The Third Eye" in Southeast Portland, Oregon is owned by Jack Herer. Some of the nicest glass in the PNW. They also all of the equipment and materials for pipe makers.

    Nice selection of hemp clothing to boot.
  18. Yeah I've found local headshops to be nowhere as good as online.
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    that blows op. i live right down the street from one of the only roor vendors in houston, well actually i don't know how many there are, but i had trouble looking for them until my shop started carrying them a few months ago. they are called 'high life' and have pretty decent prices and a cool dude. there's many more around the area but i don't even need to check them out, high life is the shit.
  20. If you're in Virginia look up Kulture.

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