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  1. I have a shop near me that sell only locally made glass, and they are all amazing quality, but much more expensive. I saw a bubbler there that has one tree perc selling for $160 (comes with swing for oil/extracts, as well as bowl for herb). Then , I went to another shop, and there are bubbler there for around the same price, but has an extra perc and is bigger overall.

    The first bubbler is made locally, and the second bubbler is probably made in china. Should I go with the locally made one for quality, or is the quality of chinese glassblowers good enough? Cheers! :smoke:
  2. Always support local glass over China.
  3. Local. Too much of domestic money goes to China so I would avoid it.
  4. Idk what they look like so I can't help you .......
  5. Which looks better to u?
  6. The one from china looks nicer for some reason. But I know it was made in china, which is the downfall.
  7. Hey man! Here is some personal advice i hope helps with your decision! :smoke:

    Artistry Bongs can be Great! However you should take heed and perhaps ask the shop owner some questions about the artist, What kind of glass does he work with? (Borosilicate glass or "Pyrex" is the industry standard) How long has he been making pieces, and how popular are his pipes in that store? Reputation means a lot in the pipe making business, so its important that your artist has some. Last summer my friend bought a artists piece in Seattle and hes still using it no problem!

    As Far as mass produced china ladies, they can be worth the possibility of lower quality, because they will allow you to get some of those features you want at a more affordable price.
    It can also depend on how you define "Quality" The most durable, unfucking breakable, bong ive owned was a 90 dollar bong with a diffuser down stem and a 6 arm perc that had no name attached to it and most likely came from china.

    If it were up to me though, i would not go with either choice, instead check out some shops online. I promise you, You can find many quality name brand bongs for $160 that will take the guessing game out of this. Personally, i would recommend a Zob. They have a good reputation and prices are reasonable. I use one at my friends house a few times a week and it hits like a dream

    Hope this helped some! :wave:

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