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  1. I am 60 years old and just joined this group. I have a question to throw out here to the "seniors".....have you or anybody in your area started a locals/neighborhood social cannabis group? I live on the central Oregon coast and have been thinking of starting either a Facebook or Meet-Up group specifically to met and indulge in cannabis for older folks. Has it been in your area? Are rules necessary? (I was thinking of allowing NO SALES of any cannabis products so the page is not taken over by ads, for example.) Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. If I remember @Oregondaisy @GorillaGherkin both live in your general neck of the woods and have had a meet & greet.

    We've had a few from the Southern California Unite thread meet & greets.
    Doc and Papa both live out in the Palm Springs general area and we've done one out there a few months ago.
    So yes they do happen but to keep the moderators happy we don't talk about any seed or clone trading that might get done then when here on the open City threads :)

    We try and keep that sorta talk in private messages.

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  3. Ohh and Welcome in by the way.


  4. Not a senior yet,,but welcome anyways

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  5. There is an over 60 thread.
    I live on the Southern Oregon Coast. I am not sure where you consider the central coast, but it would take a lot for me to want to drive up the coast. I love meeting other stoners, but I hate driving.
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  6. Thanks for the info. I will try to try to connect with OregonDaidy and GorillaGherkin. I know I can get a group together, hopefully they can give me details on the how. Thanks for your response!
  7. Hi Daisy! I live in the Lincoln City area. Not looking to meet others from this group as much as I am interested in forming a local social cannabis group. Any thoughts on setting one up...Facebook or Meet-Up? Rules? No Rules? Thanks for your response!
  8. Back in the glory days local cannabis social groups were called drug rings.
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    In legal rec states like California, one can only legally consume inside residences or weed lounges of which there are as yet very few. Thus any public cannabis social group (like in Meetup) interested in fun activities would be stuck smoking in someone's home that would be much too limiting and quickly likely to become boring.

    Alternatively if such groups smoked on the sly outside of residences in public, they would open themselves up to being busted by someone posing as a user, for consuming in public (a piddly $100 fine in California) There are certainly large numbers of those who are against legal weed that would have reason to nail we enthusiasts. All that would take is some member on a smartphone making a call on the sly to local police organizations that are against legal laws and looking to dirty the cannabis image.

    This is Waldo. There are twelve of us over at Pine Tree Park smoking weed from a bong at benches near Duck Pond.

    That scenario would not work in cities like San Francisco where police and the whole city government that puts their own cannabis friendly people into law enforcement management. Additionally it might OUT places users smoke in urban public areas that could put those secret spots in the light. Actually that was the demise of a San Francisco group that began as one that brought people to secret places they could smoke out in the fresh air.

    Beyond the above, many of we seniors prefer to smoke outdoors, especially in natural areas, so it is just a matter of time before the government allows that if what is already on the books goes along smoothly enough. This last weekend was our country's first open music festival, Outside Lands, where people could buy and use THC products in a dedicated area of festival they called Grasslands. So all this is moving along. And this senior is much looking forward to the day when I can meet with like stranger others socially to do so as there is much fun possible.

    Complicating the issue, are second hand smoke laws that at least here in California are many and strict. What gets around that is vaping concentrates as the vapor is very limited and difficult to smell. Thus expect when such groups are legal, people in urban areas will consume via vape pens so as not to annoy others. But out in rural places far from others, such cannabis groups as long as they are away from any others will eventually be allowed to consume however they wish to.
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  10. Thanks for such a insightful post. I never thought about how folks could misuse my group, ie as in ratting out public smoking, police actions etc. Meet-ups have to have a way to be announced but discretion is important also. I live in an area that has beaches, parks, and hikes all locally and it would be shameful to be stuck inside to smoke and socialize.This will give me something to think about as I continue to think about the best way to do this.
  11. We have a local 420 facebook group. I know they talk about getting together at the beach and stuff. They don't really say anything about smoking. they just say there's going to be a pot luck at the beach with a bonfire, etc. and give the day and time.
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  12. Oregondaisy....I like the way that works. Everybody can know what they are talking about without ever saying what it is out loud....
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