local bust!!!!

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  1. wow we just had a huge bust...well so the cops think! seems a guy had 40 seedlings growing in his attic under flouro's..and they estimated the street value of $20000...damn if seedlings are worth that i'm gonna start selling seeds for $20 a piece...what a fucking laugh..now this poor guy just lost his house and everything he owns for about 10 years for what amounts to 1/4 ounce of un smokeable weed!!!
  2. thats fucked up man
  3. Damn any idea where this was at?? my buddy just got cought not to long ago growing in his attic. I wonder if it easier for the cops to use infared, to bust you if you grow in your attic?

    Does anyone know any protection against infared helichoppers? like maby extra insulation or a certain tipe of metal over your lights?
  4. copper wire cut into small pieces and mixed with white paint...this mix is then used as regular paint to cover your walls and cielings, sticking the copper pieces to the paint as you go along. ... When im god, im gonna pull all those bastards outta hell and lock em in a chamber with a burn barrel full of pot... kinda like religios conversions...lol

    take care,
    ave atque vale..
  5. What the Fuck!? That sounds hella weird are you sure it works??
  6. someone had to have tipped them off, it is illegal for them to use infra red to look into your house. a couple of years back they passed a law saying that it was an invasion of ones privacy.
  7. Well the law can use infra red to search for pot. They have to have probable cause though.

    All they would have to do is suspect you of growing or have an informant.
  8. have we forgotten of the patriot act ALREADY?! do you think these people spent so much time writing such a detailed cross referenced article just to put it on the top shelf?! it is in USE...right now... everyday... NO search warrant is needed for ANYTHING. put simply, they can, will and are doing anything they choose to you under the pretext of terrorist activity. this includes, but of course is by no means limited to:

    monitoring your phone conversations (nothing new to anyone enlightened to the word echelon billions of calls are monitered EACH day... disinformation flicks such as enemy of the state lays it out quite clear.)

    monitoring your (and millions of others) internet activity.
    this includes reading any email messeges sent or recieved from you. (this is done through your isp, without display of proper approval...whatever the fuck proper approval is, oh yea from those honorable judges of ours...)

    searching your place of residence (its not YOUR house, so it stands to reason that they can enter anytime they please.) without display of warrants or purpose, judges are no longer needed to complete this task.
    if you find my comment a bit hard to grasp, ever wonder why they insist you wear saftey belts? you think they really care if you fly through your windshield? yes they do. because you are owned. and you even pay for it... i know its extreme...but only because sunday school didnt teach you it. what does your drivers license entitle them to do to you. why must you have a plate? anything displaying goverment issued tags are property of the gov. hence your bmw you just bought is not yours, but you are granted permission, as long as all requirements are met, to make it move down those roads that you all agree are property of the states, and so they are.

    wire tapping and bugs under suspicion... (what the hell does suspicion mean in thier terms...)

    .... look, ive been one of these alternative news freaks everybody discredits without any thought at all, for quite a while now. I built a house in ** over the course of 3 years as a result of poor financial situations... manythings hapened in this time that youd only suspect to find in conspiracy theory like flicks. i will not go into details... i was not involved in anything to do with growing or even smoking... or anything close to anything of an """""illegal""""" status situations... i couldnt afford any problems at that time... i was however researching some very alternative ideas on the web at that time, and in book stores. lots of reading during that time, lots of reading and writing, the ideas that flood your head when you take an almost permenent break from the conventional media and thinking habits of those around you, when you shut the tv off...
    legal pad after legal pad was filled with ideas when i took that plunge....

    coming back to the house from the ardware store one day i turned onto my street...

    wow.. isnt that cute, its not everyday you see a black helicopter... but youll almost never see a black helicopter flying stationary over your house, just spinning its tail, making no sound whatsoever. it hung there for twenty minutes, as i watched it with my neighbor about half a mile down from behind a fence....

    two weeks later i was bringing my son to his home, he was 11 at the time, we got pulled over for an expired license... he took me to the car and we had a chat that he didnt enojy very much... i guess it was the simple questions I was asking him, of which he had no answers for. he called in two others to keep my son occupied while they were waiting for his mother to come pick him up. my son was pretty upset as we have had some other bad experiences with these assholes together before... the man that was sitting in the car with me got out and walked to the side my son was on to meet with one of the other pigs, as my son tells it the opened the door just a crack as if he was going to open it all the way but jsut enough for my son to be abe to hear what they were saying... one of them said "you want me to take him in so you can stay here untill"... as the other interupted and said "no, we'll just wait for the black helicopters to swoop (making a swooping gesture with his arm and hand) in and get him.... obviously disturbing my son even more than he was already, he became very frightened and i could here him from the back of the cop car say "what black helicopters!?" the cop said "I didnt say anything about black helicopters, i think your dad has been putting too much in your head... you imagined it." he then shut the door and the two that were called in took off and 'the man' came back to his car, where i was sitting...ill stop there.

    I understand this is a shaky and uncomplete story...I cant tell you all the details, it wouldbe too time consuming and probably not worth the time... but the point is, there is nothing stopping any one of these government slime from busting in your door one day...or taking a peak inside the house you occupy with one of those handy satelites you guys all helped them build, all it takes is for one of em to say "you just imagined it" so to speak..... theres so much you all are not aware of when it comes to how this world operates... to you its all paper and pen, all legit. you accept that there are slight deviations from these written laws by the ones who wrote them... but you never step ahead too far and see the wider scope of things... its too unreal, too uncomfortable... it would keep you up too many nights if you only knew what is really going on.

    around 16 -17 years back, i looked at an emergency birth agreement in detroit. in fine print at the bottom it states very clearly:

    "Your child may recieve an implant."

    now anyone familiar with law terms will quickly point out here that in the legal game, the word 'may' means 'must', and 'must' means 'shall'... how many people signed that aggreement in haste as they were running to the delivery room? so dont tell me about legal.

    oh yes and for a quick news update, the fda just recently 'approved' human chip implants... now to sports...
  9. Sounds deep man, dont let it get you to upset. It's a fucked up world we live in.
    Don't understand why they cant just let us grow gods given fruit in peace, and work and live in a world that is not owend by anyone in peace!

    I say they can have my fucking money, and they can keep their fucking greed, hate, and the bullshit they feed us everyday.... All I need is my fat sack of chronic and my girlie so peace to all.

    Live it love it learn it grow it

  10. Thanks for the response. its appreciated.

    one thing that seperates me from most, is that because of experience I do not supply the machine any more than it takes to get by... I dont have money to give the assholes, its not money they want anyway... its the fear they love. even if I did had extra money to give(and when time is money...which it is, this makes the term 'extra money' obsolete...unless of course anyone has encountered extra time..didnt think so;-) ) I would not give it to them, nor do I... I will not supply them with another gun, they have too many. i will not support them in thier taking away our guns, they have too many. i will not help them go and kill decent fucking people with the guns they would have had if i had tithed, who probably dont know what the fucks going on themselves. I wont help them cloud our skies, and throw in spies, i wont buy a goddamn brick to build a jail. i wont support them in any way, shape or form. I cant support these war mongers and i never will again.

    usually the quick reaction to this statement is, "there gonna do whatever it is theyve been doing wether you help or not, it aint gonna stop so why fight it." -

    my response to those people is this:

    If the baby birds never took the jump, we would have wingless birds right now. ... all Im doing is jumping and spreading my wings the way nature intended (for those of you who have a joint or two in them,...no I am not a winged creature...its a figure of speech :) ), living out the natural way of life. and nowhere in nature, does it even hint that that I should give to these control freaks. and so I wont tolerate it...

    Im spreading my wings with quite a few others.... hopefully while soaring, we'll find eachother and form a group. thats when things begin to change for the better. I hope(hope...funny word, kinda like "try") this is understandable... As Language is a funny thing, its taken too many different ways and perhaps this wont be taken to wrong. responses will certianly be interesting.

    take care all.
  11. i would take the leap with you
  12. Well Jump brother,

    i done spread my wings im just waitin' for you to catch up.
    no time like the present, so they say.

    take care.
  13. i already have,,, just dont have enough time and money to soar for long,,, but im tryin
  14. Ah, I see. Perhaps we are on different frequencies as the leap Im talking about doesnt take physical money but it does take time. nothing can be accomplished if nobody has time. everyone is in such a fucking rush to get nowhere these days they create this vanatical illusion (like that word? i made it myself) that they dont have time to do the things that really matter. and when they do have time, they want to kill it. ever heard that? kill time? this man ive been taking care of for a few weeks now, who was anerexic and a drunk before i got to him, and who is also permenantly fucked up in the head... and by that i mean I think hes had one too many packets of sweet n lo, says that all the time... "ah this el' kill the day" fuck i cant tell you how much id like to smack him when he says such things... so many people desperately trying to grab time, and this idiot along with millions of other can only think about the days end. my leap, really has nothing to do with grabbing time... it does have to do with something important, and that is: not supplying the machine anymore than vitally (to my own health) neccesary... and this, friend, doesnt take money... it takes courage.

    unfortunately, they have already brainwashed most, and thus taken this desired quality of the mind away.

    take care.
    ave atque vale.
  15. but it is still easier if you have money to support and better yourself so that you can create more time by not having to work for 75 percent of your life just to survive
  16. this I agree with...im in a struggle myself.

    sitting on quite a few multimillion (conservative) ideas without any money to get em rolling...and i cant find ONE GODDAMN HONORABLE person who can keep thier fucking promises towards doing so... i swear man.... theyve all benifeted from meeting me thus far, but i cant find two nickles to rub together myself...

    just cant win.

    not a sob story, just the story of my life, and i assume many other honorable persons lives.

    take care, gnight.
  17. maybe winning isnt the important thing,,,, and just surviving the battle is
  18. well said, Indeed.
    Tempted to leave it at just that.

    Everyone has their own personal battle, most of which are battles against themselves.

    these carry out into the physical dream, where it manifests into the negetive things we could go on to list for days...

    thus it makes it very difficult to find a positive side to it all, and perhaps this is the point the cosmos intended to make
    :). I do not know.

    I've noticed most talk in theory (myself included), perhaps this is our problem.

    When you theorize, it all becomes speculation. And not many (none that Ive encountered) use thier theories as a guide to the way they live, It seems its a way for them to relieve thier minds of the troubles it contains, and in that sence it does seem to work...temporarily that is.
    Theory then turns to belief, which ends up being a more permenant form of relief.

    Our problems are relatively simple, theyve just become harder to explain, mostly as a result of the fact weve stopped (or definately slacked off from...)communicating what we should. we have nobody to share thoughts with openly without the usuall fear of 'sounding different, or strange, or stupid, as if we were contestants in some vogue mental fashion contest. so our sence of security is also dulled to where we would support almost anything for that stimulation of the mind...just look at our supposed leaders, those draconian, if not truley reptilian men and women who want nothing more than to create fear, and controlling power for thier delusional selves.
    We find alternative sources to confide in, such as jesus.
    its all about mental comfort, and those who find it would be hard pressed leaving such a thing behind, and so anything you do or say that would interfere with this certian space is in violation of their feelings, the alerts go off, and then its reccomended you stand off before control is lost...

    and so stepping beyond ones comfort zone is as critical as doing a few pushups once in a while, perhaps when you feel like NOT doing them the most. or sticking a rock in your shoe for a day, or taking a cold shower when your aching for a warm one. and in doing so, one excersizes the mind towards self freedom, clarity of mind and self-control, and when these things are obtained, a mental gate is opened, and surviving becomes an automatic response... like breathing. winning; or to be clearer... satisfaction; follows shortly after.

    and so I agree with you, and i mean it when I say, well said.

    Ave atque vale.

    friendship is a ship that sails two in fair weather, and one in foul - ambrose bierce. devils dictionary.
  19. i like te way you think
  20. On the same note, I enjoy and apperciate the fact that your so positive in your responses, I cant tell you how hard it is to find them. so I thank you for them.


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