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local boy was on fear factor tonight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. ok i admit to watching that show from time to time.i jus look at the boobs :D

    anyhow he did very well till he respectfully declined to eat his maggoty cheese....
    after watching another 5 minutes i puked.....
    it was pretty cool,
    and i felt the need to whare this with you because????
    and its in the seasond tokers because????

    gwd i hate those shows :D

  2. Because you knew I'd be along with a reply shortly.
  3. I don't see how they eat some of that shit but for $50,000...bring it on. I'll scarf some grub for that kind of cash. I'll puke it all up when I'm in the clear and I'll make little Joe Rogan hold the bucket, though. The rest of it isn't so bad. Although the bobbing for rings in the cow blood was kind of icky. Oh yeah...reindeer testicles...UGH! In the end, it's all about the benjamins, baby!!!!
  4. You should have seen the big wreck when my train of thought derailed right there.

    So why'd he have to hit the cheese.

    He coulda just said I quit.

    But no,

    Big tuff guy had to break something.

    Yeah, the female units were watching, and when ya hear people gagging, ya gotta look. I thought Jackass was on!
  5. I would do some of the stuff on there but eating maggits or worms or bugs aint my thing!

    I can't even watch the others do it!

  6. :p

    an rmjlmnop, too

    im soo glad mr thow the bolw down lost, hated him...

  8. i have eaten cricket brownies and sauteed meal worms willingly, they were actually decent, kind of tasted like french fries. much better for you too.
  9. my guy was the cute lil farmboy, i's sorry ya missed him.
    he ate a couple bites spit it back in the bowl and said, ya'll are better peeps than i. good luck.

    i think they throw a big boobed chickie in there every once inawhile to win.
    although.......sometimes it is an advantage to be smaller an quicker.
  10. So what was the fourth stunt? We stopped watching after the first guy had a maggot crawling out of his mouth.

    That wrestling chick rocked. I hope she won.
  11. I ate a big ol' fat earthworm for $10, kind of on a dare, when I was fishing last spring. I've eaten crickets and mealworms (I think they were mealworms) at a friends house for dinner...her family is from Laos so they eat some odd things. They wouldn't tell me what else I was eating, though, and I'm probably better off not knowing.
  12. my kid ate a big fat earthworm for uh, the fun of it?...

    an rmjl, i believe yur right bout the rest of the food best off not knowing. but i am wondering if you took seconds? on anything?

  13. RMJL i wouldn't even asked what else you were eating.. If you find out PLEASE don't tell us....

    Highya you are one funny chic! Big Boobs! lol Is that all you think about? You sound like we have some things in common!

  14. me to! :D

    When they said where he was from in the beginning, I had a hint he was close to you!

    And he even admitted early on that he ddin't want to eat nothing gross!

    When the one guy started gagging and snot was blowingout his nose, we all gagged

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