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    I've been looking at all the cool slides on gog bongs and I love how custom one of a kind slides look.id absolutely love to see some glass blowers favorite bowl they blew. On the other note blades I have an announcement I'm goin to collage to be a chef and my minor is Gunna be in glass blowing so if you guys are glass blowers tips would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance blades :bongin:
  2. Yet another thread by me that never gets one friggin post thanks guys:(
  3. Glass blowers are notorious for getting banned around here so you probably won't get much feedback. I have a custom Apix slide that I'll post up once I get home if that tickles your fancy

  4. Why do they get banned?and I'm lookin for ideas for designs.hopefuly il make somewhat decent glass
  5. Mainly bc posting pictures of their work leads people to discuss sales, which conflicts with the rules of the forum. There are a few left around here though, so hopefully one of them can chime in for you.
  6. I know tangerine laugh is still here and he has some sick work.
  7. You aren't gonna get any glassblowers to show you their favorite slide that they made, but if you look in the heady glass thread you'll see a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

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