Discussion in 'General' started by bud stuffer, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. hey blades,

    i went to California over the weekend to go lobster diving, i had a great time. i pulled seven legal lobster on board the boat, i have some pictures, i just have to get them developed. so expect them up here sometime soon. unfortunately i got back here and my seven lobster tails were gone, they just vanished out of the cooler. i assume one of the other divers grabed mine by mistake while i was cleaning my gear, they are all good people so hopefully i will get them back soon, i can't wait to eat them. the biggest lobster pulled out on the trip was ten pounds (not by me unfortunatly). my biggest was about three pounds. i also got to do some spear fishing.

    any of you blades do any diving?
  2. that sounds like killer fun!!! :) I bet you loved it. Id love to do some diving for lobsters..where in cali did you go? I want to see those pics!!! :)_
  3. i flew into LA, but i spent most of my time way off the coast, we visited two islands. catalina and some military island 60 miles out. the best vacation i have ever had.
  4. damn... i love ... absolutly Love lobster...
  5. lobster with butter sauce, mmmmmmmmmmm

    damn that shit is good
  6. don't dive... but occasional work on a lobster boat.you get soooooooo many goodies.....
  7. yeah they are great, it was my first ocean dive. i think i did pretty well all things considered. those maine lobster have claws, how do you go about catching them? they can't be as fast, but they got some mean pinchers. the cali lobster are just spiny but fast as hell.

    we were out for three days, i got 13 dives in.

  8. i had a thread about going to cali and asked if anyone wanted to smoke me up? got no replies, no prob though, had a blast.

    we used our hands to catch them, (keep in mind only east coast lobster have claws)you pin them to the ground and shove them in a bag and keep looking. they are hard as hell to get out of their holes. but at night they come out and walk around. our second day they were actually in the kelp, which is unheard of, i caught five that were just hanging there like orniments in a christmas tree.

    all my other dives have been in lakes or quarries.

  9. in traps.. you don't dive for them... cause the water isn't as clear around here so you can't see the lil bastards as well.... just throw a few traps over crammed with bunker or rack and your good to go, come back the next day to check your trawl and there you go... lobsters and what ever other goodies deceded to swim in there.... :D
  10. ^^^yeah, i guess. takes the fun out of it though. i bet if you shoved a knife or something in their claws they would pinch it. then shove them in a bag. maybe.

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