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  1. These 2 pics are from my cell so sorry about the quality. Last week while still on cape cod me and the family decided to order lobsters for my brothers birthday. I ordered a 3 pounder, it turns out the guy on the phone was kinda deaf so he accidentally gave me a 5 pounder, but he was nice and only charged for the 3.
    I dont know how many of you have had lobster when blazed lol but its amazing, the 5 pounder meat was abit tough but delicious. First pic is the lobster lol, second is some bud and a swisher, which i smoked before.

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  2. I only like the tails but thats just me.

    Lobster is very bomb with butter.
  3. The tail is the worst part. The claw is where it's at! But unless you've ever had a fresh Maine lobster you probably don't know what you're missing.

    I love lobster. I grew up near the coast of Maine, so we ate it like chicken (meaning, all the time).

    mmmmm.... I think I might make lobster rolls for dinner tonight.
  4. word lobster rolls are great too lol
  5. Any animal that shows up on my plate looking just like it did in nature is not for me. It's so weird to have them alive and chilling in your freezer before you have to personally execute them...{shudders}
  6. Crustaceans don't do it for me.

    They're like the insects of the sea, fuck that shit, I don't eat sea monsters.
  7. Yeah you are right, I've never had fresh maine lobster.

    But thats cool. There are many other comforts here in Cali.

  8. haha they arent red in nature


    shrimp lobster crayfish crab all so tasty


  9. What on earth do you mean? :)


  10. I find lobsters to be over-rated and over-priced.
    They taste identical to crab.
  11. noooo.... crab and lobster are very different.

    I think a lot of people judge lobster based on the frozen stuff or the rock lobsters that come from anywhere other then new england. The only way to really eat lobster is straight from the boat in New England or Atlantic Canada.
  12. word, even here in NY its hard to find good lobster
  13. Lobster is one of the tastiest meals. 'Specially with some garlic and butter. It does not taste the same as crab. You are a homer if you think so.
  14. You need some New England Lobby's :)
  15. ya man, i couldnt kill it, i need it all done b4 hand, then its all good

    i want baked stuffed shrimp now....:)
  16. truth speaker
  17. I'm judging lobster by having tried fresh lobster from Nova Scotia done by a talented chef. It was good, it had basil leaves to drip the butter onto it - but it still tasted like fresh crab. There isn't really a difference at all.
    Lobster is slightly sweeter than crab.

  18. Or Florida. Lobster mini-season is insane. But it sure does make for some good eats. Mmm...MMMM!
  19. haha i agree

    never tried lobster in my whole life..

    but thinkin about them as the insects of the sea i no longer feel like ive missed out :smoking:
  20. every time i go to atlantic city i eat enough lobster to make me sick for weeks haha. i love it though.

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