Lobster claw pipe

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  1. A coworker made this for me..didn't charge me or anything, she's just an excellent glass blower with no need for extra cash. Came across her work looking for a new piece in a local head shop..saw her name displayed with the pieces and approached her about it. She's totally cool but it was surprising because we work in the medical field. [​IMG]

    I live on the east coast...you can see the barnacle for effect, works great too

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  2. Ha ha so unique bro, carful with it! I currently reside on east coast as well and would love to check out some of her work if possible. A glass blower that works in the medical field as well? Living the tru American dream! Lmfaoo take it easy man, love the new piece keep us updated if you get anymore.

    Nice touch with the keif on top of the bp, beautiful flowers as well =).

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  3. I wouldn't even smoke out of it homie. That is fucking ill.
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  4. I work at sea food market and that's honestly bad ass, looks pretty spot on too, cheers!
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  5. Looks cool man, stupid question where do you suck from? The white ring?
  6. Yeah i live in Maine so I can tell you yes, it is accurate haha.
    That is actually a valid question! The carb is up by the bowl on the side and the mouth piece is almost at the tip of the claw side closest in the photo, sort of diagonal from the barnacle. Yes she makes incredible things, mostly nautical themed.

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  7. Real cool stuff
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  8. I'd love a king crab leg chillum, that would look bad ass!
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  9. That is 100% Certified BAD-ASS.

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  10. The shop she sells through is actually mostly a sex shop with a smaller section for glass...but in Maine there are many many small headshops where local people sell their art. Portland has legalized possessing up to an ounce of marijuana, so things are pretty relaxed down there. Check out local creations as opposed to mass operations, you will find more detail and creativity put into the work.

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  11. saw a fellow mainer, Cheers! :RoorRip:

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