Loads of people are blocking me on Facebook

Discussion in 'General' started by jashley, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I am so upset, I keep having tons of people block me on Facebook and I don't know why!! Its all these people from my church group and this other church group I go to and its like all of them hate me and are talking about me and are blocking me and I don't know why

  2. Because you told them, or somebody told them that you smoke weed. Must be mormons or JW.
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  4. Pry cuz they think you're a pothead. 
    Move on and cut them loose. Fruity church people are not needed to live a kick ass life. 
  5. I would block you to but I don't have facebook.
  6. Screw facebook
  7. 2 things wrong with this topic, church and facebook.

    If I were you I'd drop them both from your life :)
  8. Maybe they just don't like you. I don't blame them.
  9. What's with all the Facebook threads goin on?

    Were a bunch of people that smoke weed on a website called grasscity.

    Not tech support for Facebook.. Or the Facebook friend gurus. Just a bunch of dudes and dudettes that get stoned to the bone for shits n giggs.
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    That's probably because you are Satan, op.
  11. I would create a Facebook and add you just so I could delete and block you but uh.. Fuck facebook?
  12. ^probably the most sensible answer^  :)
  13. Man the weather is so nice today.
  14. Suck me off and i'll make it snow.
  15. The white robeth man in the sky telleth unto his followers ye need be defriended at once cause ye doith the duckface in all your profile pics

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    Don't worry. People who block the Lord's followers on Facebook will be burn in a firey lake. It's in the Bible.
  17. uhmmm theres no reason to slam the church
    its not for everyone ( including me ) however theres no reason to talk bad about people who go
    facebook can go suck one though...
  18. They probably have a secret church agent on GC keeping tabs on you.... You have failed them thus far young cricket.
  19. Did someone touch you in the church parking lot?
  20. Fuck your church groups and fuck Facebook.

    In the grand scheme of things, neither of them is that important.

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