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  1. Hey blades, with the help of the community I was able to successfully harvest 6 plants over the course of this year and due to some unseen circumstances (when they said DONT TELL ANYONE they weren't kidding,you will regret it) I had to take all my stuff and store it for a short period of time. Fortunately I'm back at it and I'll be running 10 girls this time around.

    Germs began September 23rd
    Foxfarm ocean forest w/20% petite
    1000w Optilume Metal Halide
    No ventilation yet

    1 Barneys LSD fem
    1 Strain Hunters money maker fem
    3 DNA Sleestack x Skunk reg
    2 World of Seeds amnesia fem
    1 Delicious Critical super silver fem
    1 blazing pistileros Krakatoa reg
    Annnnd a random bag seed that I hope is a chick.

    This log won't updated daily by any means but will highlight progress made

    I plan to hang a raptor 8 reflector when the ladies get big enough

    First and second picture here are sleestack

    Third will display most of my ladies

    As they continue to grow I will make name tags or otherwise indicate which strain is being depicted

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  2. Update?
  3. Here is the Critical Super silver at day 46

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  4. Barneys LSD

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  5. Amnesia Haze

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