lmfao funny debate story

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  1. so today in law class we were debating and a group of kids who got "why marijuana SHOULDN'T be legalized" and they had to debate againts why it should. So when the shouldnt group went up, they said that if your high off weed and your friends drunk, your gonna think its a good idea for him to drive, then you get into a carcrash and hes paralyzed forever. lmfao and i was baked as fuck and i said that "obviously these people have never smoked weed in there life". and im baked right now :cool:
  2. Great story bro, tell it again.
  3. story bro story cool bro breh
  4. You go to a mentally challegend school or something?
  5. glorious exposition brethren
  6. OMG...massdebating in public!
  7. and then you found five dollars?
  8. Last time i heard that i laughed so hard i fell off my dinosaur.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. lol we did that shit once and i carried my team on my back the whole time lmfao. just spitting out facts, we had to stop cause i was getting too serious. the kids on the other team was saying some dumb shit that everyone thought was funny but me lol.
  11. haha i showed up to a law debate baked once...
    dont remember what it was about but every time the other side would make a point i would yell BULLSHIT.
    i hardly ever talk in that class so it was really funny...

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