LMFAO check this out!!

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  1. Munchiexpress.com

    Someone I know told me about this website. They are open until 4:20 a.m. lmfao. I'm going to order from them tonight and see how their food is after I'm completely ripped. I'm thinking of getting a cheech burger, chilli-cheese fries, chicken wings, and a drink. Hopefully I'm one of the first 10 people to call in so I get a free order of munch fries!
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    this must be a joke...

    and most of there pictues are from other sites but it would be cool if something like this really existed
  3. lmao

    also, in my country there's an ice cream parlor called munchi's
  4. That's the shit.
  5. oh i wish it were real :/
  6. Maybe they deliver weed too. Hope I didnt just blow their cover.
  7. Yeah that's kinda sketchy, but it seems like a good idea. I wonder what the minimum order is?
  8. A legit website like that would have to be regional or have thousands of delivery drivers. It would be awesome, though.
  9. Hi, just wanted to let you all know....yes, munchiexpress is real. We are just finishing up the website, im glad you guys like it. We are actually going to have an animated web-series starring our beloved icon. It will be coming out next month, along with our live web-feed where you can watch our chefs prepare your food. Lets be honest, after a long night of good times - everyone deserves some good munchies.

  10. What.
  11. What if this website is like a secret DEA website to find all stoners in the Boca/Pompano area
  12. Oh please. Do you know what kind of dead brainwashable personality you have to have to be a DEA Agent? They could never come up with something that clever...:rolleyes:
  13. In Old Sacramento(California) there is a bad ass candy shop called Munchies(at least there was about 10 years ago) that was a total stoners dream land.

  14. I guess you're right, I'm just a paranoid stoner haha

  15. Its not...its a restaurant!
  16. Lol here in CO they have Medical Marijuana service restaurant typed places.... go in and pay like...50 bucks and get 2 courses of medicated food.... gotta be a patient tho heheheh
  17. Give us a call tonight with the coupon code : grasscityforum for $5 off and free munchi fries. Thanks for the support!:D
  18. im def gonna check this out next time im down that way..sarasota has a bomb 420 cafe where they got sandwiches with french fries and chicken fingers and cheesesteak mixed its on food network shits soo fiirrreeee
  19. That'd be perfect for a friend of mine, she has Crohn's disease and doesn't smoke but is eligible to get her Green Card. Looks like I got some petitioning to do :hello:

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