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LMAO!!! New Marijuana E cig

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Gerald Tarrant, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Its a stupid idea.
    I thought E-Cig contained Nicotine ? Nicotine has nothing to do with pot ?
  2. I read a news article not too long ago where a e-cig blew up in a man's mouth and chunks of his teeth was gone :/
  3. :rolleyes:

    Because you don't want it, it's a stupid idea? Yes, e-cigarettes contain nicotine. And they come in flavors. And some people like the taste of pot. So they made a pot flavor. Do you get it now?

  4. Should contain THC....but oh, that would be wrong :smoke:
  5. That's just an ecig that tastes like weed. Get a real one that has real THC. My friend has one, it's so cool and convenient and more efficient.

  6. Is it really more efficient? You've tried it? I am curious about it :smoke:
  7. [quote name='"BurnAFewDown"']That's just an ecig that tastes like weed. Get a real one that has real THC. My friend has one, it's so cool and convenient and more efficient.[/quote]

    The trippy stick? Maaan we walk around walmart all day with that shit, looks like we're chewing on a pen if anything
  8. You can use a glycerin tincture in an E-cig and vape weed while people think your smoking an E-cig ;) vaping in public. Read BadKitty's recipe on how to make it, someone put a link about it earlier.

  9. Nice. It's stuff like this that makes this place cool. Very awesome post :smoke:
  10. #13 BadKittySmiles, Apr 17, 2012
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    It's just as efficient as the material/tincture you're working with. :)

    I've been using e-cigs with hash tincture, since before the e-cig was made widely available to the public for even nicotine purposes, back in either the late 90's or early 00's. :hello:

    (And for those who asked: No, the e-cig itself, as a device, does NOT contain nicotine! :) )

    Many of the e-liquids do, but you can buy many flavors that have 0/mg nicotine, and you can make your own nicotine free e-juice at home! When buying, you can select a range of nicotine content in the flavor of your choice, from 0mg, up to I believe, 36-42mg.

    I'm not sure of the legal cap where it varies in different countries, and where I'm not a tobacco smoker or user, and avoid nicotine (except of course for the unavoidable traces of nicotine found in potatoes, and a few other veggies/fruits. :) ).

    Be cautious for the flavors that say *0mg nicotine.. that often means there is a tiny, negligible amount (which is better or at least more upfront, in a way, than foods which claim they are '100% fat free', have 0g of fat in even the nutritional content, but in the list of ingredients contains a notation saying, 'this item provides a negligible amount of fat')

    ( Also, it's worth noting that many countries legally sell e-cigs, but e-liquids containing nicotine are 100% ILLEGAL in some countries and locations. :) )

    The big problem with the Trippy Sticks and CannaCigs made, 'supposedly', for pure concentrates is that they either A) do not get hot enough to fully vape your CBD and other valuable high-temp cannabinoids (THC is the most volatile and fragile, vaping at temperatures much lower than most other cannabinoids) reducing their medicinal and recreational functionality, or B) they are modded to become too hot, for the components to be safe, or healthy.

    Meaning they either don't work well, and clog up your atomizers with debris and cannabinoid remains that can not easily be vaped at such low temps...

    Or, they become immediately hot enough to vaporize the remaining cannabinoids, but at the cost of producing carcinogenic, metallic and plastic odors, and flavors. :(

    ( Edit - The above can be true for some no-name and knock-off herbal vapes, as well, including both the travel and the table-top variety!

    This is why it's important to stick with reputable brands, rather than some of those, sometimes industrial, and sometimes nice looking, decorative vapes, that don't bother to mention a company or brand name at all. )

    The FDA nearly banned the sale of e-cigs all together, after finding that nearly half of the 40 or 50 brands and models they tested, some reputable, and some no-label knock off's, produced highly carcinogenic and toxic byproducts when used as directed.

    The few companies responsible for the 'safe' and healthy models spoke out and managed to prove just in the nick of time, that mainly, it was the knock-off's made of lower quality plastics, and the defective brand models that produced temperatures which were much too high for the 'safe' materials used, which produced the toxic byproducts.

    Even the safe brands, are not safe if they are modded (either by the consumer, or someone re-labeling and selling e-cigs for 'other purposes') to increase the temperature.

    This is why it is not recommended to ignite or activate your atomizer for longer than 5 second intervals, without a rest or cool down period between.


    ** It is also why patients report the MOST success, even when using models made 'specifically for pure concentrates', when the glandular material is delivered in a Glycerin Tincture, rather than vaping it all on its own!

    If you vape a fully activated, bioavailable glycerin hash tincture, your cannabinoids are already active, and you can rely on the fact they become an evenly delivered vapor via the glycerin vehicle... rather than vaping all your THC first, then working on your atomizer until you can taste plastic and metal fumes to get the remaining cannabinoids. ;)

    Glycerin is a powerful vapor vehicle, and once you create a proper solution in glycerin, it is capable of carrying chemical components at temperatures much, much lower, than they could otherwise become vapor/airborne!
    It is the necessary component, required, to make most of these very small, discreet devices, made of such materials, safe to use. :)

    A photo or two, from the link Storm Crow was kind enough to share. :smoke:





  11. Awesome, thanks so much BadKittySmiles. I'm gonna have to get on that lol
  12. ii love my cheap e cigs.....im gonnna go for it soon and buy one of the more expensive ones...
  13. ^ BadKittySmalls

    Those Trippy Sticks are just about the same thing as a regular e-cig using your own glycerin tincture, people just use hash oil in the tinctures now. NO NOT USE PURE CONCENTRATE IN A VAPE PEN -

  14. Gotta tell the peeps why bro :cool::smoke:

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