Lmao, Car Accident, Funny Story.

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 6, 2006.

  1. Haha, alright, well me and my buddy were sittin on my back deck tokin some bowls, then we hear the screeching of car tires, and then BANG!, so we walk to the front of the house and theres this accident that just happened at the corner of the street, so we're like YESS! haha, so we took my dog and walked up to the corner store for slushies and to check out the accident..Man, the car got MUNCHED lol, it was t-boned and then drove into a hydro pole haha..

    So here i am sittin at the corner with my dog, and this cop walks over to me..and he's like "Sir with the dog..?" so i look at him alll baked red-eyes and everything..i was like "yeah..?" the pigs like "Were you here when this happened?" here i am looking a cop dead in the eyes baked, and im like "Nah dude.." he's like.."...You're lucky im busy sir" at that point i was like..UH OH! haha, so we went home dropped my dog off and went to the beer store, then walked past the same cop with a 24 of Canadian and 3 40's of Canadian haha...

    So we came back and got bombed, smoked some more then went in the hottub..and that was my night ha..

    Just kinda weird talking to a cop alll baked and shit lol..

  2. I love it when a cop knows you're high, but he also knows he cant do shit about it :D
  3. i second that to the T.
  4. haha fuck that cop. and i love that sound! wait for it...wait for it....BAM!
  5. Haha, yeah you hear the brakes goin and then you wait for the rest haha
  6. Hahah awesome. "ur lucky im busy sir" I lol'ed ha

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