Llama Family Drug Bust

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  1. SANDPOINT -- Dozens of local drug users provided city police with information that led to
    a Thursday arrest that's expected to reduce drug trafficking in Bonner County.

    Some of these local drug users, who reportedly ranged from 16 to 24 years, have already
    been arrested.

    Others were confidential informants, Police chief Mark Lockwood said Tuesday.

    Lockwood would not comment when asked about the confidential informants and their
    fates because the investigation continues.

    "We spent a year (with this investigation)," he said. "There was a lot of linkage that was
    done there through criminal analysis."

    The investigation involving Sandpoint police going undercover to help federal officials
    resulted in the arrest two leaders from this major drug trafficking ring known as Llama
    Tribe. Palmer Hanson, 26, and Allen Lint, 26, both of Yakima, Wash., were arrested in
    Spokane by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Sandpoint police gained trust of leaders who belong to the Llama Tribe, according to a
    news release. The group is believed to have supplied up to 90 percent of the acid in the
    western United States. The group also supplied this area with acid, mushrooms, ecstasy
    and marijuana.

    Sandpoint narcotics detectives learned local drug users obtained these drugs from area
    barter fairs and brought the drugs to Sandpoint for resale or personal use.

    A barter fair is a gathering of people who buy and sell things like jewelry, clothing and
    food on private property. It's also a market for drugs, which are openly sold and

    These fairs are difficult to bust. Warrants are difficult to obtain because police need to
    identify who they are after. The property owner generally doesn't deal drugs, but is aware
    of the activity.

    It's believed enough people from the area were going to these barter fairs not to buy drugs
    for just personal use, Lockwood said.

    "These fairs are all part of the investigation," he said. "There's probably a lot of folks
    who've seen them and attended them."

    "This is still an active (drug ring)," Lockwood continued. "We took some people off the top.
    We don't know where this will lead."

    It's possible Hanson and Lint could be charged by Sandpoint police.

    "We're going to leave that option on the table," Lockwood said. "It's a joint investigation.
    They're going through the federal system, but that doesn't exclude filing state charges in
    the future."

    Sucks that alot of the acid is gone but i got ripped off at a bartfair by them. so fuck them.

    Who all attends barterfairs?
  2. :smoke:
  3. lol, bye bye acid in western US
  4. No lie. Last good shipment the midwest got was from Florida, and that was about a year ago.
  5. I want to know where these barter fairs are.
  6. fuckin narks man relly fuck a good thing up.
  7. Word, im soo down for a road trip from the bay to washington to get anything.....

    That hella sucks too, i have been looking for sid and boomers......now my hopes and dreams are destroyed.......

    Thanks, pigs!!!
  8. im glad i live in the east.

    west, i feel your pain. its getting harder and harder to find acid as more dealers and chemists get busted. i hope it doesnt become extinct :(
  9. glad im on the east coast :hello:
  10. barter fairs are mainly in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California. There are some in other states. I live in Washington where the largest barterfair is. It's called Tonasket. Around 20,000 people attend. you litterally cant walk 10 feet with out being asked if you want acid.

  11. Hahaha... Bonner County. :D

    I cant believe no one caught that lol

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