LK collab with Strict 9

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    [ame=""]YouTube - City Lights Verse[/ame]

    this is a rough draft its not done yet lol
  2. dude i'm confused. maybe it's cause i'm pretty drunk and stoned... but no verses are recorded on what you posted. just hooks

    either way, lookin forward to seeing the actual product. and.. for future reference... is the lyrics you posted for your verse?

  3. LOL....thats the instrumental were recording tomorow with the other dude...and yes those are my lyrics.
  4. dont laugh at me, loser. lol

    post that shit up asap after it's recorded. i CAN"T WAIT to make fun of it!

    hahaha... just kidding bro.

  5. lol if you say so...shits gonna be ill homie :)
  6. incredibly ill?

  7. no denying dude i just phoentically kill :)

    not recording today either ill have to do it tomorow
  8. you phonetically kill? hah... i'm bred to be ill son
    my gene pool's obscene fool... always ready to spill blood

  9. ready to spill blood? dude im deadly might kill thugs
    take away their gats and then i reveal punks
  10. i don't pack a gat, so good luck revealin me
    but i still spat a phat flow these hood thugs be feelin G

  11. be feelin G? ill break open ya capillaries
    with each and every single line that im delivering
  12. fuck a capillary man i'll slice your jugular
    with this mic.. fuck a knife.. hit you thrice like this bubbler

    ... this is fun

  13. like this bubbler? since i was a kid ive been a troubler
    im in love with mary jane fuck i even cuddle her
  14. posted rough draft...gonna record both our verses today on a real mic
  15. Your voice doesn't come out too clear man... but otherwise good beat, good sound... not sure about the vibe though. Where's the positivity?

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