Lizard egg in my plant

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  1. So in my hypothetical plant I was transplant my plant from nature care miracle gro to what I believe is coco coir it was growing my palm trees out side and doesn’t feel like soil so as I was transplanting them at the bottom of the cup was a orange pod like thing . You know those lil white pods in the soil that are juicy I thought that’s what it was so I grabbed it and squeezed it kinda hypothetically jumped out my hand and started wiggling and kicking out the pod then came a baby lizard hoppin around like a frog I don’t know how the fuck it spawned because it was definitely no lizard or lizard egg in the soil it could’ve been because it was dark when I got the soil from the shed it’s usually lizards there but is the hypothetical plant that isn’t real safe ? And is it ok to transplant from soil to coir ?
  2. Oh wait I’m growing tomatoes wrong site
  3. what. the. fuck.
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  4. Hypothetical tomatoes!
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  5. Takes two to tango.

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