Living with people you don't really like, how to make it easier?

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  1. I live with four other guys just off-campus, and one of them I'm not so sure about. I'm in college and he ended up living with me through a friend (who also lives with me), I knew him before a little bit and thought he was alright.

    Anyways now that I live with him I see that he is really controlling, get's pissed off easily, doesn't really ever leave the house (I'm out of the house a LOT because I do a ton of shit) and basically thinks the world revolves around him and that we have to do everything he says.

    The only time we really talk is when he's telling me to clean this or clean that or yelling at me for some stupid thing;and every once in a while he's got the audacity to expect me to give him weed and smoke him out.

    Worst of all he get's mad when I bring girls/ friends home. We have a cool house, great location and he gets pissed when I bring people he doesn't know home because the "disturb him"...? Were all paying the same amount so he really doesn't have any authority over me and I let him know that.

    I usually just try to not make things worse and live around him. What should I do here? I love my house, the school, and the three other guys I live with, but it only takes one to really put a damper on things.
  2. Make him your bitch and pee on him

  3. Well I could always do that, and have almost done that. I've got like 60 pounds and 4" on him so it wouldn't be hard. But if I did than It would be awkward until the day I moved out lol
  4. If you all pay the same amount you've got solid ground to stand on man. Tell him your going to bring over who you want to bring over, if he doesn't like company I guess he can stay in his room when they're over. He shouldn't be telling you to clean stuff up because you should already have laid down who does what around the house, and if you haven't you should all meet and thrash that out.

    Overall just stand up to the fucker, he has no right to treat you that way. If you get along well with everyone else maybe he shouldn't live there.
  5. I could understand the cleaning thing if you're the one making the mess. I can't stand a messy home.

    Not so much for everything else though.
  6. Yeah OP are you one of those dirty people who doesnt clean up after themselves? Be honest.
  7. See what your other house-mates think about his attitude! :confused:

    They may be getting as fed up as you are! [​IMG]

    If not, perhaps you are over reacting. :cool:

    Granny :wave:

  8. Call him a virgin. He must be terrified when you bring women over.
  9. I've actually never been cleaner since living in this house. I clean up after EVERYTHING.

    It sucks because I'm talking about like leaving a cup out. Shit like that get's me in trouble lol.

    It will be like, I leave out a fork and end up having to clean the whole kitchen, including his mess.

    Of course I could just refuse, and have but I prefer to let the peace flow and to let him live in his world.
  10. make living their hell for him maybe he will move out
  11. So basically you just let him boss you around and then come on GC to complain about it?
  12. I think he's asking for advice, not complaining.
  13. OK,then my advice is to not be a bitch around him and he won't be so controlling.The only reason he does the shit he is doing is because he knows he can get away with it without OP standing up for himself.
  14. If it's the cleaning thing make a chore chart every week or whatever, and make sure everyone rotates the chores. I know it sounds kind of lame but that's what my mom had to do when my sister and I would fight over that kind of stuff. If everyone just does their job it should go smoothly.

  15. Yep. I honestly have to agree with this. You said he came to live with you, through a friend. Regardless, you were there first. Claim your dominance over him and he won't be such an annoying bitch.
  16. fuck his mom
  17. roommates are tricky

    Im noisy as fuck, thats just how i live. Loud music, power tools and burping loud duri g waking hours, cuz thats how i roll. Not a damn peep sleepin though. Ill be as noisy as i want if someone else wants to snore all nighf erry nigh
    yeah i know they cant help it
    so neither can i lol
  18. We actually have that and it's usually not all about cleaning. It's just everyday things.

    I think I've made myself sound like a pushover, and that's not the case. I routinely stand up for myself and I'm not afraid to get a little mean :devious:, he knows not to cross a certain line because than has to deal with angry me, which is a danger to him lol.

    Anyways, I guess I was just looking for a solution when in reality I can't change how he is. It's just kind of awkward living with a persistently angry person when I'm just trying to have a great college experience.
  19. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']See what your other house-mates think about his attitude! :confused:

    They may be getting as fed up as you are!

    If not, perhaps you are over reacting. :cool:

    Granny :wave:[/quote]

    Granny, I love you
  20. Sounds like a narcissisty person. I lived with a couple of those types of people. You cant fix them. You just gotta get the fuck outta there lol

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