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Living with parents - Where to stash strong smelling weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alchemoholic, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have a question... I live at home with my parents still (I know it sucks) and they don't know I smoke weed. I used to smoke openly but I stopped for a long time and now my parents still think that i'm off the weed and stuff. I started smoking again and don't want them to find out i'm back on it, I rather keep it secretive, it makes things easier.

    My problem is, the only weed I can get in my area now is kush. Theres no "dank" anymore. Its either nipper or kush and nowadays barely anyone sells nipper cause everyone has caught onto the kush.

    I want to buy some kush, like a big personal stash but I have no idea how I can keep it inside my room. Last time I bought it, I kept it wrapped in a ziploc bag inside of an old school bag inside my closet. It still made my room smell and it made my closet smell very strong. As soon as this weed gets exposed to air it makes the whole room smell.

    Please help. How can I stash this weed so I can put it anywhere in my room without my room stinking?
  2. dude, kush is a strain, dank is a description of quality. Kush, can be dank.... one of my biggest gc pet peeves right there lol.

    mason jars = smell proof

  3. all hail sirsog

    i don't know what else to say
  4. I know what you mean. When I say dank I just mean really good weed, not quite mid-grade but not extremely high grade either. I used to be able to get really good weed for a very good price. The only thing I can get now is kush, can't complain but the smell is the only thing that makes it a problem.
  5. Keep it in your car.
  6. #6 SIRSOG, May 4, 2011
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    again, im just going to point out, dank = high grade cannabis, Kush = strain of cannabis originating, or a breed containing, a strain of cannabis from the Kush mountains, excluding a very select few.

    Kush doesnt = bad, good, ok, mid grade, high quality, low quality, or super bomb weed, it means its kush, it can be schwag, dank, mid grade...... kush comes in all forms lol

    EDIT: hehe dont meant to sound like a dick, its just my hugest GC pet peeve
  7. Depending on how big your stash is, get either a ziplock bag or a freezer bag full of scented dryer sheets, and put your bag of green in there with the zipper thing shut. Smellproof and it smells like clean breeze.
  8. just buy a tupperware container or a glass jar (if you don't already have one) put the bud in there. then put the container or jar back in your closet.
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're underage..

    Just keep it in a baggie my man. Put that baggie in tupperware, and hide that in a drawer, under furniture, etc. Or if you have a back yard, hide it somewhere in the garden.

    Good luck.
  10. Kush is a strain! Not how good something is!
    This is pretty much what you've said:
    The only weed I can find in my area derives from the Hindu Kush strain. There is no good weed anymore. It's either nipper or strains deriving from Hindu Kush. Everyone sells strains deriving from Hindu Kush there's no more nipper or good weed.

    Btw what is nipper???

    Also, put in mason jar. Cheap as can be. Local Target, K-Mart, etc.
  11. Wrap it like 20 times.

  12. Okay well then its some really dank kush. It smells extremely strong, its very nice and crisp, and looks amazing. I know theres different types of kush, i've had some kush that seemed more like mid grade because it didn't look cured/dried properly and was pretty leafy. This stuff is properly trimmed and cured.

    I used to be able to get dank weed that smelled good, but didn't smell to the point where it made your whole room stink. I can't seem to find this kind of weed anymore.

    Does a mason jar 100% keep the smell locked in?
  13. What I did when I lived at home was put my weed in a mason jar, then put the mason jars inside of my mini-fridge. The rubber seals on the fridge, along with the other food stuffs (maybe leave an open beer in there), plus the mason jar, basically negated any smell. I kept a large personal stash too, like three or four jars full at a time.
  14. Mason jar, put it in a shoe box, put fabric softner all around shoe box, hide shoe box.

  15. Nah, i'm not underage. I can drink legally and everything but I just choose not to do these things around my parents. I mean I technically COULD, but I just don't want to.

  16. *facepalm* still not getting it

    but yea a mason jar will keep the smell contained for the most part, if it doesnt its easy to just bag up the mason jar

  17. Nipper is the stuff that a lot of Asians in my area seem to grow. Its basically like that M39 strain from Montreal. Its grown in masses and usually poorly cured/dried and trimmed. High grade right now is about $140/half oz whereas nipper goes for about $100. I rather buy some high grade, the quality makes up for it.
  18. i use empty pickle jars. i've had very strong smelling stuff and i can't even smell it if i sniff the pickle jar. if you wanna be 100% certain then wipe the outside of teh jar with a wash rag after you've closed it if you touched the weed before you put it in there.
  19. I dont see your problem.. Keep the weed in glass jars. The only smell that will escape is when you open it to get weed out?.

    Oh and stop using Kush as an adjective.. It doesn't mean dank.

  20. i will kush the fucking shit out of you man.

    Doesnt seem to work as a verb either :(

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