Living soils and sustainable practice

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  1. Open discussion on what works for them. Please feel fee to share. My system can be seen here.
    Looking forward to many cool practices.
  2. Leaf mold compost - 100% completely sustainable, can be made by almost all and is one of the very best additions to any potting soil - period.

  3. Vermicompost......
  4. Doesn't get much more sustainable than letting worms eat your compost...

    Re: sustainable gardening - growing and wild harvesting Dynamic Accumulator plants! Comfrey, Nettles, Yarrow - on and on and on.

    Plants Growing Plants!

  5. earthworms and bokashi tea
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  6. Making pesticides with steeped plant materials! :yay:

    everybody should grow mint and aloe vera plants... it's so freakin easy.

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