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  1. While I was driving today, I heard a radio news story about Les Paul, one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar. I was surprised to learn that he is not only still alive, but is still performing every week at a jazz club - at 92 years old!

    And of course, the writer Ray Bradbury is still alive, and writing. I've grown a little tired of his style, but there's no doubt he is a master, and a legend in his field.

    There are many more incredible people, masters at their field, who are not only still living, but well-respected, productive and thriving in their old age - living legends, in other words.

    Who do you consider to be living legends?
  2. its a reach...but Nas
  3. Scarface
    8ball & MJG
    Dr. Dre
    Ice Cube
    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Tom Petty
    The Eagles
  4. Albert Hoffman

    At the age of 101, hes still alive and kickin!

    Probably all the acid.
  5. Albert Hoffman
    Ozzy Osbourne

    More locally - Mister Postman
  6. i had a friend who played at les pauls 90th birthday...and its been two years already....dayummm...time does fly, when your busy gettin high
  7. Damn. I opened this thread thinking it was gonna be a praise to me. :p

    Jack Herer. :)
  8. I was gonna say that! Suprised no one else did...

    but hmm...

    Peter Frampton for all you oldies... damn was he big in the 70s... hes still doin concerts to this day.

    my minds kinda blank right now, so yea...
  9. Robert Plant
    Jimmy Page
  10. the rolling stones

    especially keith is that guy still alive?
  11. Definitely Ozzy. :metal:

    And I guess you were looking for more musicians, but Jack Nicholson is definitely a living legend in my book. He's the fucking man :cool:
  12. I thought this was going to be about the rap crew. I saw the 'paid dues' tour, don't bother.
  13. Steven Hawking

    Captain Beefheart

    Ringo Starr

    Jimmy Carter ( the last american president to work for peace)

    Bill Clinton ( The last american president to get a piece at work)
  14. heres another...

    Bill Gates

    I mean... duh!

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