Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.

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  1. This is my signature and I personally love this quote.  It was made by the great late John Lennon.  What do you think of it?  It really rings true for me.  Having everything spoon fed to you by media, parents, peers and you finally learn to think for yourself and it feels like a great 'awakening'  I can remember the day I learned to think for myself and think differently every day all day.  I attribute it to a special girl called Lucy and her fungal friend Psilly.  
    The power of thought is more powerful than you think.  But if you're thinking about thoughts then what is thought?  What is perception?  What is relevance?  Relevance is relevant.  Thought loops :)

  2. I tripped myself out last night thinking about what a thought is. Psilly is a good friend of mine too and taught me to love myself, and become self aware. I look at some of my friends and honestly can't imagine what's going on in their heads, I think about my mindset before I made friends with psilly and can only relate it to that of a sheep.

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    I agree.  I can very much define the exact moment I learned to think and open my eyes and see the world as it truly should be.  It was during my first encounter with Lucy when I had this 'awakening' if you will where I thought deeply about things and from perspectives that were previously overlooked.  I was able to keep this mindset I had when tripping while sober and it felt and continues to feel awesome.  'Thoughts flow endlessly like rain into a paper cup'.  I don't know what to call it other than an awakening.  Have you experienced this?  It's almost like there is a veil over the part of my life before that first experience.  I am a much different person than I was before all of these 'LIFE RUINING DRUGS'
  4. Yeah definitely, I think about my mindset before and I can't relate at all. It's great! Such a shame they have all the stigmas associated because done properly, they're some of the safest drugs out there

  5. I got beat by a drunk father and screamed at non-stop by a self absorbed mother starting at an early age....I don't ever remember the luxury of being able to close my eyes, and dared not misunderstand a single thing.
  6. I agree with you on that and it's just a matter of people doing their own research instead of believing all the crud that is mainstream news.  If they were to google something as simple as pros and cons of marijuana they would see facts, but they choose to believe things people say without ANY facts.  Seriously I was reading this one article i'll try to find it but it basically said "This guy did LSD and pot BUT he STILL managed to make some of the best music." He went on to say this about a lot of the people in the article.  Dude wake up....their music is good BECAUSE of drugs. I'll see if i can find it.
  7. well its a mystery to me as to how he managed to make music with all that creativity flowing through his mind. the amount of music that is influenced by drugs, especially psychedelic drugs, is probably more than anyone thinks
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    People toss it aside and think it's all about the hallucinations.  The hallucinations are great, don't get me wrong, but they take second place to the power,speed, and innovative way of thinking for me.  I do psychedelics for the endless stream of important thoughts into my mind and just...I don't know......not recreationally.....if that makes sense.  It's all self exploration and most of the time just me and my dog walking through the semi-forest here.
  9. I feel like I had this awakening once...
    But I've fallen into a depression that's lasted since October, and I haven't been able to see through my 'veil' at all since then.
    Life has started loosing some of it's glow after my awakening.
    I chalk it up to the environment I'm in though. I hate it here, it's like my own personal hell. I'm trying to stay positive and get through it but this winter has been harsh on my spirit.
    Can't wait for summer. The biggest thing I realized during mine was that we ARE the earth. When it's cold, I feel cold and horrible. But when the sun shines... Warmth, peace, tranquility, and hope pour endlessly into my paper cup.
  10. Right? Practicality and efficiency became my life from the same type of reasons. I have no idea who I am or what I enjoy.

    on my second grow:

    1000W Coco Sour Diesel SCROG
  11. Man, I want to tell you that you need to get out of that environment.  You can't be in a situation where you're miserable.  You start to get caught up in the emotions of bitterness and anger.  Change is definitely a hard thing and I don't know your situation man but live life for you and then everything else will fall into place.  I was in a miserable situation while trying to discover my spritual self and made the biggest and best change of my life.  I was selfish, but not in a way that was harmful.  I lived for me and then EVERYTHING seemed to fall into place from living the most unluckiest of lives.  I now haven't felt the anger and bitterness that I once had like fire in a long time.  
    I realized soon after that my success and doing what I LOVE  to do for a living not just a job was attributed to me being happy. Me being in the environment I wanted to.  Surrounded with the people I wanted to.  Doing what I wanted to.  And loving every bit of it.  I was happy for me and it radiated.  Everywhere I go people love me and feed off my happiness.  It's all because I decided that my life wasn't gaining anything from making OTHER people happy.  What good was that gonna do me?
    I would love to go into a deep discussion of my life so you see where I'm at and where I'm coming from, but for the sake of the thread I'll pass. It's tempting though, one of the many things I am trying to change is that I don't have anyone I truly feel comfortable talking to.
    Going off of that, the reason being is that I feel that so many people (unfortunately, including practically every person I can think of that I am surrounded by in real life) just seem 'fake' and in a weird way selfish. I'm not sure if I'm using the right words to describe it, but the way I see it people are always putting themselves in front of others and it leads to so many fights and arguments and disagreements it's ridiculous. I feel like I can't sit down and have a conversation with anyone I know about the problems I have, because EVER single time the person I talk to doesn't listen, they just cut in and start talking about their own life... To me, I like to be there to listen to someones troubles, because I know talking about it helps tremendously. And I love hearing people talk, because I think talking is one of the most meaningful things we as a species have ever achieved, and I don't like to just ramble on. I want my words to be true and mean something that holds true to me. So I listen when people want me to listen, and I talk when they ask for advice. The flip side is that it seems like whenever I try to talk to someone, they listen to bits and pieces, don't bother trying to relate or emphasize, and offer their own advice based on their own experiences that may not have anything in common to mine. It's almost like being ignored, but worse; just flat out misunderstood, constantly.
    See, that huge paragraph just covered one small tiny topic out of a vast web of things that I am displeased with in my life.
    I could go on, but short story is this; I'm happy and content with myself. I feel like I've faced a lot of my demons already and I'm ready to tackle the next. I'm confident in my abilities to succeed. However, the environment I find myself stuck in just keeps bringing me down, ESPECIALLY during the winter months (which for me, in New England, is about half the year sometimes. Hiding in your house wasting time while snow storms blow past you is not 'living' or enjoying life.)
    I just need to get out of here, man o.0
  13. where in new england....
    see i am out in the catskills most of the time....and i dont let the weather keep me in.....
    fuck it....
    i do however spend most of my time alone..... i interact more here than i do with people irl......
    what you have is what you have......
    what you chose to make of it entirely up to you.....
    we all go thru some shit now and then....... usually something in the mess for you to learn from if youdecide to see it that way.....
    if you have spent so much time expanding your view...... you should see how much your thoughts effect the world round you.....
  14. is this like an eloquent way of saying ignorance is bliss?
  15. First off, I love your username, second I've been interested for a long time in the "fungal family " and I was wondering what you think the best way to get self awareness out of the experience not just "have a good trip" - thanks

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  16. Let's keep in mind that discussion of these drugs is against the rules.

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