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  1. Campers are cheap man, you can get a 32 foot bumper pull camper with no leaks for 3g or under around here in Texas. I wouldn't do an RV. I'd like to have something I could drop down and then drive elsewhere in my truck.

    I like doing more with less, but it kind of defeats the purpose if I'm doing more for less you know?
  2. I really think that when it comes to vehicles, less is more. For one person, do you really need more than a van? Price isn't even the main constraint, it's driving a large vehicle. You stand out more. You can't park it anywhere. You can't take it down dirt roads. You can't take it in the back country, etc. If you had an RV, you'd always need to be in an RV park.

    Hibodharma, you make any progress moving south?
  3. My fan is 19 feet long and the perfect size for just me, it is very tall though I can stand up in it and that beats the pants out of back pain from crouching all the time. If a girlfriend was coming it is possible but tight quarters ;)

    Sadly not this winter, my father had a shoulder replacement so helping him out around the house. Need to work and boost up the bank account before heading out. Definitely November of this year I'll be driving South

    I'm thinking 1000 a month budget is more than enough for gas, groceries, phone, etc. How's it going down in Florida
  4. That sucks man. I've been there. I had a bunch of invasive surgeries. You are a good man for be there for your family.

    FL treated me really well in December. Perfect weather. Starting New Year's day, it got "cold". Rained for 10 days and hit some record lows. Now it's nice again but it's been raining in the evenings. No complaints.

    I've met a few Canadians so far. Seems like a lot of people from Toronto and Quebec come to this area for the winter.

    $1000 is more than a safe bet if you stay at one of the free spots. I'm getting by with less than that. Gas here is $2.20 per gallon. Food is super cheap.
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  5. I'm talking about a camper, not an RV. You don't drive campers, you either bumper pull, or 5th wheel it. You drop your camper somewhere and drive around in your regular sized truck.
  6. Just to be clear, you can do whatever you want. I'm not trying to tell you what to do.

    Nevertheless, how is a 5th wheel much different? It's still large, expensive, conspicuous, etc. Where are you going to leave it? You drop it off and then worry about if someone is messing with it? Most place that are OK with a 5th wheel are RV parks, no? Why not just settle for a something smaller?
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  7. Or a walmart parking lot
  8. I never said you were? I'm just questioning the ops train of thought, I've been very interested in such a life and I've put a lot of thought and foresight into the topic. I just feel like there's a lot more life to live with some basic 1st world amenities though, there is such a thing as doing more for less.

    A camper is cheaper than an RV, cheaper than vans around here too lol. I could go buy a 32-36 foot camper with no leaks for 2500-3 grand that could sleep 6-9 and a 1 grand truck or less that could pull it. And in the long run you'll make out way better because you wont be driving everywhere for everything spending the time and gas to do basic things like laundry. You'll have a truck that's far more fuel efficient than a van. You'll have amenities like shower, shitter, washer, dryer, full size refrigerator, a full size bed, room for activities/others as well.

    You can put it at campsites, nature trails, you can stay in it over night in parking lots and shit, sides of the road. Your house is far more likely to get robbed when you drive it everywhere like in a van. Also being in a van means you have all your shit in once place, so if your van goes down like you wreck so does your home.
  9. You don't need to pull a trailer to have the comforts of home. My van has a couch/pull out bed, a loft you can sleep in, full stove, sink, a bathroom, fridge, cabinets, propane furnace, skylight/vent, swivel seats etc. It also gets way better gas mileage than pulling a trailer, which is a pain to back up and not as mobile. You can not park a trailer without people knowing you live in it, and getting in trouble with local bylaws.

    You can park your van anywhere and sleep the night without anyone knocking, especially if it's white or looks like a service van. I tried truck camper living for a summer and am way happier with the van. There's storage for all your gear so you can go an adventure just by driving to wherever you want. The solar panel charges the house battery, no worries. I don't know what your fixation is on trailers but there are alternatives,
  10. Toy hauler would have full fridge, full shower+tub, fullsize bed, table, kitchen, desktop pc, stove, oven, cabinets, 1-2 couches, cupboards, tv, a generator, central air/heat, room for guests to hang out. And most importantly tons of room for storage. Again I have a dirtbike, stand up jet ski, a street bike and a million crafts, tools, and hobbies with machines that take space. I could not live my life fully in a van. The last thing I want to do after a long day at work is drive around to do activities of daily living as well, I have to shower after every shift due to the nature of my work.

    It matters how much you travel and how often, unless you have a nice van those things always got shit mileage compared to even a basic truck from my experience in vans. But if youre pulling your camper everywhere all the time it'd make up for it no doubt

    I'm used to parking firetrucks in tight bays and done a lot of work with trailers and big rigs. Not a problem there. I mean as cheap as sites are, I'd much rather spend the small amount each month than to be staying in places like a lot for more than a night. But there are a ton of places you can just stop for the night or whatever if you're on the move, never had any issue before, or had anyone come knocking neither has any of my family. There's tons of old trucker spots and shit everywhere. State parks and things, it's a non issue having a place for home base.

    You can rent a site at a state park around here with water and power for $100 or less a month.

    We live different so different things would work for us, I guess I'm looking for the efficient yet somewhat encompassing route for modern pleasures. I could definitely handle a vacation in a van, it'd be fun, but to live in? No way jose.
  11. Hey Tuna how's it going down in Florida? We've had such a snowy, frozen cold winter that this winter for sure I am going south for some sun. Got an interview today to work at a park outdoors, so things are looking up- should be a great summer. My van has some leaks in the roof so need to fix those but it's been too cold to do much
  12. It's been amazing man. I'm in Tampa Bay right now. Been camping out at one of the spots I found last year. Was also up north a bit on a preserve for a week. There was a lot of wildlife at the last spot. Saw a bobcat up close while mountain biking. Also saw a bunch of feral hogs and tons of turkeys. I wish had a shotgun. Been really nice weather. Low to high 80s. No wind or rain since Feb rolled around. Going to start fishing consistently now that the weather is turning. Seems like the west coast of FL has nicer weather this time of year because the wind typically comes from the east.

    When you said "this winter", does that mean you are headed south soon or are you talking about 2019?
  13. Got some pics of my last trip to Tampa Bay. Back on the east coast now. Getting ready for a trip up north and then for one down south to the everglades.

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  14. Octoberish of this year, I'll be working and living in the van at a park all summer. Sounds good man enjoy it
  15. Nice man. Whatever it takes, make it happen. You can always figure some stuff out when you get here. You won't regret it. It'll give you motivation and something to look forward to in the mean time.
  16. Hey hope you guys are well. Going to work everyday for the next two months and save up$
    Added another 2 solar panels and fantastic fan in the roof vent to stay cool. If I can get a US visa will work the sugar beet harvest, can make some serious $ and it is only 2-3 weeks long
  17. Hey what is going on guys? It's been a while, starting to get cold in the morning. I sold the van, bought a used truck now looking at lightweight 8 foot campers for the bed. Some of them are very cool and have indoor/outdoor showers and toilets.

    I may put 3 or 4 panels on the roof and build a composting toilet. Anyways hope it was a fun summer for you all, winter is on its way! I am heading to Vancouver Island it does not get too cold there
  18. I'm already packing for down south. Just started. They closed the fishery up here until Dec.1st, it's all done for us this year....

    What happened to the sugar beat harvest? No go?

    What kind of truck did you get?
  19. 20181007_100132.jpg

    Here is Ol' Shep just polished the chrome yesterday. Gonna find a small truck camper for the back. I worked in a campground and cherry picking, never made it to the US. It is hard to get a work permit. Then I went backpacking in Spain and sold the van. I have a job for a while but we'll see. What are ur plans heading south soon?
  20. Nice man. I got a cap for mine on CL. I then had it painted at a body shop for another $300. Way cheaper than buying new. I'm probably going to buy this thing called TopperEzlift for my cap. It lifts it up for more room. Kind of expensive but I only want to own one vehicle and I want it as comfortable as possible.

    Yeah, I'm leaving here in 5 weeks give or take. Going to stop in Cape Hateras on the way down for a while. Then slowly work my way down. Going down to the keys again in mid-April for a month. Plan is to buy a small boat when I get down there and keep it at a storage lot.

    What did you do in France? Why did you sell the van?

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