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  1. I've never been to a trailer park until today. It wasn't that bad at all. Civilized people for the most part. I've always scoffed at the idea of living in one but really, if you find the right park, I guess it's fine. Admittedly it was a (mostly) white trailer park, though. Poor white people tend to cause le...never mind. Not worth it.

    This is a revelation to me. Did anybody grow up in a trailer park? Stories?

    I'm the only person alive aspiring to be Trailer Trash.

    Very truly yours,

    Dickens' Cider
  2. YEah

    One time me and my buds Ricky and Julian made a driveway out of black hash in the park
  3. As long as you have Family, fun, friends, it doesnt matter where you live.
  4. My parents lived in a trailer with my two sisters and brother but when I was born my dad bought himself an apartment and rented out the bottom half for extra income.

    I didn't get to experience living there myself, but my aunt also lived in a trailer and her daughter is only a year older than me so my siblings and I would go there all the time and hang out.

    Nothing wrong with trailer parks or living in a trailer, my aunt's was actually fucking pimped out, had a fireplace and shit.

    I've actually thought about getting a trailer myself, but I've decided that living in the city in an apartment near the bars will get me laid way more than owning my own trailer. :laughing:
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    My Gramma lives in a trailer park and I used to live in one when my parents were mad young with me. I don't see what the big deal is people make over them, you live where you can afford.
  6. Cool stories so far. Isn't it weird how I live in an apartment that is roughly two feet bigger than my massive shlong, yet before today I would never have thought a trailer to be reasonable?
  7. I use to live in a trailer but I moved in with my grand parents in a pretty nice house. I plan on renting a trailer out between a friend and I when I move out though. Seems smarter than getting an apartment, IMO.
  8. They aren't bad. The only problem is that to get a loan, you have to put at least 20% down, sometimes 25%. The parks around here charge a ridiculous amount for space fees, too.

    New modulars are actually really nice, and can be had for a LOT less than a site-built house.
  9. Oh, and I never felt as if there were anything wrong with living in a trailer. It's about who you are on the inside and how you treat other people.

    Although I will admit, if you're dating one of those sexy ass preppy girls who come from a mansion it can make you a little insecure. :]
  10. i hate small trailer parks where everybody is like 5 ft apart. cops get called for nothing
  11. most of my family down south live in trailers...but since i was younger they've built on them and if I ever finally move down there...i wouldnt mine living in one...decorate it..have it looking real classy and modern...but ive seen some pretty bad trailers/trailer parks
  12. I lived in a trailer park for last 5 years. My mom and sisters still live there I think my family is one of the only sane ones that live there. Not that bad besides the crazy neighbors you have to deal with and just the shitty enviroment.. One of the neighbors killed kittens and gutted them in his bathtub. Fuckin weirdos.
  13. the one i just moved out of was a combination of the typical stereotype and a ghetto.
  14. I always thought the park on Trailer Park Boys looked like a pretty sweet place to live... except for those damned Bottle Kids.

  15. I know right, I would blames all wrongs on corrie and trevor
  16. i never have, i'm a spoiled fucking brat.

    but my ex girlfriend did, and it was actually nice inside. clean, nice stuff, bright and cheery, etc. nice neighborhood got your drunks, butwhat hood doesnt?
  17. Trevor, smokes.

    Fuck here comes Drunky the fuckclown.

    I hate to be the one to say a-toad-a-so, but a-toad-a-so, a-fuckin-a-toad-a-so.

    Great thread.
  18. i've never lived in one, but one of my buddies does, and so i've been to his trailer park and smoked there dozens of times. it's always been chill, no one gives a fuck if you're smoking, drinking, whatever.. as long as you mind your own business, you're cool. i've seen trailers that are nicer inside than some apartments i've been to.. seen some nasty ones too, but it's all a matter of taking care of your shit.
  19. Living in a trailer park is just like living anywhere else...
    You live in a nice trailer park, it'll be nice. You live in a shitty one, it'll be shitty.
    You live in a nice neighborhood, it'll be nice. You live in a shitty one, it'll be shitty.
    You live in a nice apartment complex, it'll be nice. You live in a shitty one, it'll be shitty.

    Etc. :p

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