Living forever could be a possibility

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  1. Look guys, aliens are gonna come to us one day and show us some advanced ass technology and show us new shit. Like how to live forever, ways to travel to a planet that can support life(More room!), ways to grow food and weed fast as shit, and worlds where there are nothing but animals that are used as food. The need to reproduce will no longer be necessary, and we will all learn to live with and love each other forever. No worries.

    Don't know how much of that I believe, but I'm never gonna die [​IMG]
  2. I think it's really cool what they're doing with stem cells..already can grow organs they just have to figure out a way to keep them from possibly changing into other organs..would suck if your lung started turning into a heart..also they are working on injecting a recipients stem cells into a donor heart so the body won't see it as foreign and they won't have to take antirejection pills
  3. Aliens man. I'm tellin ya
  4. To all of you people that think just because you can never die from old age doesn't mean that is what kills you most of the time. All of you are assuming the cause of death is old-age or disease or even sickness. Its ourselves people, we would just have bigger and more deadly wars people. Every time civilization gets to a point in its population it has a peak and a very large valley. Think like the stock market, so for example a depression would be just like a correction in the market place. The killing off of humans or genocide will outway the birthrate and the world population will begin to decrease. It happened many times in society under many names. World catastrophes like the black plague also known as the dark ages. The 100 years war, written about in many ancient books. Or like other wars like the civil war, WW1 and shortly after The First Great Depression we have WW2. Scary thing is it looks like its cyclical and might happen again soon or atleast in our lifetime.
  5. who wants to be a lobster even for a day much less forever
  6. in before someone argues that abraham lived to be over 900

  7. Nah, population always outweighs the death rate. Scary graph though either way.

  8. It would be awesome if they did this on like a rocket ship to get to liveable planets that are like 100 lifetimes away
  9. Living forever would be worse than hell you still age society continues to age the only thing is you cant die so you could be 5000 with erectile disfunction lung cancer skin cancer AIDS hepatitus and a whole lot of other shit slowly wasting away and going insane but never dying.
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    Thanks for your post. Glad to see a civil thread on gc lol.

    I completely agree. I did some ill logical compulations.

    Earths Mass is 6*10^24kg. Earth's mass however changes every day. It has changed everyday since the beginning. This is all due to cosmic dust and other space debris that continues to fall to earths surface. This is new matter, and this new matter is not native to earth.

    The reason why People, cars, houses, whatever does not increase the mass of earth is because its all PRODUCTS of earth, including humans.

    But, yes, Earth does actually gain mass daily - not much, but it still gains mass. It's believed Earth gains 100,000 kilograms of mass each year from space dust falling to Earth. Which works out about 280 kilograms of mass each day, or 3.2 grams each second.

    Thanks for the discussion!
  11. :eek: Thats alot of space dust.
  12. Too bad that 3.2 grams isnt weed
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    lmfao, then there would be a God :D
  14. EVEN if it was possible, I doubt it would work, because the planet would be over-populazied in a short time and since it just goes against the law of the nature, im sure something would happen to stop it from happening (for example something killing all the people, made by gov. etc).
  15. The same time we discover immortality we also need to discover living accommodations beyond planet earth
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    You could build layers going up and layers underground on earth.
    Plus we could build cities on water and under water.
    Nearly doubling earth's capacity with every layer, + some going outward - some going underground.

    There already planning and working on building houses on mars, It was said they would have at least a few people living on mars by 2023. Also other planets and the moon have potential for these "houses" and we could build layers on those planets as well. Since there is no atmosphere on the moon you could potentially build layers with these "houses" going outward for a very long distance/forever.

    Home - Mars One

    If we could find a way to support mass amounts of sustainable man made habitats on other planets, space for people to live would barely be a problem until thousands of years later, even if everybody was living forever. by then we would have found out how to get to new planets.

    alternatively they could make a law where if you want to live forever you have to be fixed so you cant have kids.
    If everybody gets fixed = same generation living forever and no new people to take up space/use resources.
    But i don't like this idea because we still have to evolve as the human race.

    People would have to produce there own food by farming in there houses or there could be a local farm for each group of houses. This would require energy/electricity if done somewhere other then earth so somebody would have to use a ton of solar panels or find a way to get energy to the houses.

    Learning how to cultivate marijuana and other plants may be a needed skill to live in the future. Some of us on this forum are already prepared.

    Plants could convert the co2 in there house to oxygen.

    The biggest problem is space for people to live in, and i have produced a reasonable solution.
    We would just have to start farming more food on earth and on other planets.
    Use plants in our man made habitat for oxygen.

    I like the brain transplanting in clones idea, people could sell clones like they sell cars.
    Currently its illegal to clone humans, i think i herd somewhere it was already possible but scientists don't do it because its illegal. i may be wrong.
    If they can do this or find a way to stop the aging process, living forever will be do-able in our lifetime.

    All of this was just thought up by me throughout my life when i was bored because of my obsession/desire to live forever. Some of it has not been heavily researched.
  17. i just skimmed through the posts real quick and didn't see anything about this... but you all should check out i think it's called transenlightenment or something to do with dna change. it's pretty interesting. they've been working on making our lives longer for a while. simply by being a healthier human being (eating right, exercising, etc.) we will live longer. not quite forever, yet atleast.
  18. [quote name='"dankydankk"']Dude I was post a topic like this weird,,

    U know lobsters theoretically live forever? ? I forgot what its called, biosomething ill find it later but lobsters basically don't age, grow more fertile with time, and if never killed by predator would continue to grow and live forever, I think there's only a couple animals as such, if we can figure out how to copy lobsters, we also could live forever[/quote]

    Yeah I'm pretty sure jellyfish are the same way
  19. The singularity.

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