Living forever could be a possibility

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  1. With a few more advances in medical operations we could potentialy life forever. Once they start cloning humans, or atleasy figure out how to, grab yourself a clone and grow him until he is the same size as you. Then just transplant your brain over to your new clone, and presto chango you're 21 again in a healthy brand new body.
  2. There is also a gene in us, that causes us to age. If they could reverse this they could potentially extend our life by hundreds of years. Of course natural wear will still happen.

    I like the cloning idea. I wonder how many times the brain could be swapped before it to deteriorated though?
  3. fuck living forever

    the earth would become over populated SO quickly.....
  4. Plus 540 year old dudes might try and fuck your 18 year old daughter... I know it'd be legal, but it would still feel wrong.

    You think rich people hoard their money now, just wait until they never die.
  5. Did anyone catch last night's Through The Wormhole? They were talking about cutting up the brain into tiny pieces and scanning each one and recreating it on a computer.
  6. Bad idea some people were meant to die. Could you imagine living next to someone forever that you hate? That be brutal
  7. I think it would be a curse, we are born, we age, and we die...make the best out of your time here.....
  8. Dude I was post a topic like this weird,,

    U know lobsters theoretically live forever? ? I forgot what its called, biosomething ill find it later but lobsters basically don't age, grow more fertile with time, and if never killed by predator would continue to grow and live forever, I think there's only a couple animals as such, if we can figure out how to copy lobsters, we also could live forever
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    Atmospherically speaking, their is not enough o2 to sustain 1 person for infinite time, let alone billions of people.

    More so, the capacities of this planet could not support anyone, forever. In time, this planet will cease to be anything like what you know of it.

    As long as we are dwellers of this planet, we are limited to the confines and capacities of this planet.

  10. when we breathe in o2, we breathe out co2

    plants breathe in co2, and breathe out o2

    its not lost lol but yea.. too many people would definitely run that risk, however i think food would run out long before the o2 supply especially since most of the air we breathe is nitrogen lol
  11. My cousin is studying DNA/Genetics, that field of study. I remember him telling me about this cell or something in our body, that has this little stem which relates to our life span, it can actually be extended, resulting in that person living longer. ill ask him again tonight.
  12. The rich and powerful will probably be the only people able to use this technology.
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    Run that risk??? With, or without plants, this planet has a limited supply of o2. The more us, the less plants.

    This planets population boom is feed by fossil fuels. Man would starve to death before he ran out of air.

    My point being that there are just way to many variables to cover, and compound on that, the capacities of both our own species, as well as the planet that supports our very existence.

    Its just not as simple as, learn to clone a human, we live forever. Makes for great wishful thinking though :D

    All this makes me think of those that try to give mouth to mouth to someone not breathing. Nothing like bolstering up his CO2 levels, while all he needs is just a tad 02. While we do breath out o2, it doesn't help to feed a non breathing man co2 rich o2 :)

    A scientific note. Atmospheric escape says that the greater earth's mass ( greater population gives way to greater mass) the greater the velocity of particles. If everyone was to live forever, obviously it wouldn't be too long before earth is at its full capacity. Especially with only 30% landmass.

    The denser the atmosphere becomes because of the population, and the greater temp get, the greater the tendency to have blow off's into space where heavy particles force even light particles into space. In a short period of time, earth would be depleted of its CO2, Hydrogen, and Helium. This would end plant life. If plant life ends, human life ends.

    So, all in all, this has been wrapped into a theory within science. Where the kinetic energy and mass of a molecule determine its velocity by Ek = 1/2 mv2
    We know that objects in motion, tend to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. The outside force would be the ozone, but man has helped himself to being fucked on that topic :) With hardly any ozone to deflect these molecules back into the atmosphere( which would still kill man), its instead blown off into space.

    Mans occupation of earth is a very touchy-fragile science. Too many people is a huge epidemic, that will only lead to extinction. Too many people living forever, and the math just gets uglier.

    Let's not even get into the aspect of what enriched levels of co2 and o2 due to o3 production in the atmosphere, which is a whole other aspect of why man not only can't live forever, but never will be able to live forever.

    I think the sooner we can accept that, the better off science will be :)
  14. I'm sure by the time we can transplant brains, we can figure out space travel. This isn't a garunteed infinte time either, people go crazy, get hit by busses ect. But fuck I would pull off two or three liftimes if this technology was around.

    They can already transplant major organs, so brains although way more complex shouldn't be far off. And they can clone sheep, so once again while humans are way more complex they should be able to in the near future.

    As far as overpopulation goes quit throwing people into prison for life and quit nurfing the world. Like was said earlier some people were went to die.

  15. lol i was agreeing with you, but i also was stating we would die of something else long before we ran out of o2
  16. in the middle ages, people only lived until like 40, so the way a 40 year old looks, is considered what an old person looks like. Now in 2012 you can live until you're 80. an 80 year old is what we think an old person looks like. Imagine 500 years from now. Humans are just gonna look older and older. being 80 years old would be like 25 today.

  17. i dont want to get modern old.... its so fucking useless and unnecessary lol

  18. Actually, without starting an arguement you cannot create mass out of nothing. The earth still has the same amount of particles as it did when it was formed. The earth will not weigh more, its matter has just transfered states.

    You can destroy mass through nuclear decay, but its not like humans just apear out of thin air creating more mass upon the earth.
  19. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']

    i dont want to get modern old.... its so fucking useless and unnecessary lol[/quote]

    unless I'm hugh hefner, I don't want to be that old.

  20. lol we actually have harnessed antimatter, which annihilates matter into energy.

    We COULD get rid of matter... that woulda kinda be.... a disadvantage if used on a large scale lol

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