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  1. I live with my dad and 2 brothers, all look at grass as evil., i guess i am the bad seed, well anywho, the other day i got high and a lil too drunk apparently and i left my newly bought bong on the coffee table LoL.

    Needless to say, no one said anything even though i know they saw it, but how many of u go through this?!

    can't i smoke in peace

    ok i am high and rambling., happens
  2. I have my own flat! There is usually smoking gear on every flat surface! I can smoke in comfort any time day or night! Life is sweet....if you can afford the air fare to London your welcome to come hang out :)
  3. you can look at it this way, at least they didnt hassle you about it....yet!
    im all grown up in my own home and have been 'busted' several times.
    the best being, inlaws were staying the weekend to watch the babes and we cleaned up allllll the the stuff really really well. everything alll taken careof,...
    cept the containter where we were stashing like a years worth of roaches was left in the kitchen plain sight on the counter (a years worth mind you it was alot, NOW that looks BAD)
    nothing was ever said,i know they saw'em,,opend it smelled em, moved'm an probably was like omg there smoking more than we EVER thought. :D
    it was all i could do to NOT bring it up and go...."um, um its not as bad as it looks,lol"
    maybe they'll just leave ya alone too.
    or you could just say YOU thought it was a fancy drinking glass."you mean it aint?"
  4. oh man thats hilarious highawathagirl or whatever your name is, heh

    i could see that happening to me, man that would suck heh
  6. Damn I hit Quote and it posted.

    Anyhow thats funny Highya!
  7. yea i get hassled all the time by my parents. cant wait to move out already.
  8. thanks i wish it werent true, thank god it was 7 years ago, they neva said nuthin, although they always call in advance before stopping over for a visit..........

    an my kid asked if ours was afancy dring glass..said it melled really bad tho :D

    highawathagirl?lol...... i know im a bit confused bout it somtimes too

    ya guys are funny

  9. GOD DAMN i hate having to sneak around. A friend of mine and I were talking about this a while ago. Me & him usually end up going to places we don't even like to go, just so we can smoke without worry. It's gonna be soooooooo nice when I can just leave my piece on the coffee table and my bud in a jar, or even have a hookah. Sneaking around not only is a pain in the ass, but paranoia can kill a buzz REAL quick.
  10. My dad just left for vacation for about 2 and a half weeks, plus both my bros work all day, i work part time in the early evening, so i got all nighters to attend to :smoking:

    but i do respect and understand my household rules and never let it get destructive
  11. yeah i know it. i live with my 56 year old parents. when they found out i smoke they kind of was in deniel. then my mom gave me a lot of shit for it. know they kind of just leave me be. They get REAL pissed of if they smell somthing funny. they dont want "IT" i nthier house. no biggie i don't smoke in the house. But i aways wait entill they go to sleep (11) them i go for a walk and toke. I hate being high when i can hear them in the house. Shit i hate it when i am not high.
  12. yepyep, I always have to avoid my dad when im high..otherwise when I come home I get the 'stare down' n he can tell im high..and I usually start
  13. when i lived at home i used to keep my bong under the coffee table. but my mom finally got pissed one day and said "that thing stinks keep it in your room please"
  14. was growing a plant in my window... it was about a week away before i was going to borrow a light and put it into bud. i had to move it each day to catch the sunlight and have the curtain closed on the side it was at so no one could see it from inside... one morning my mum walks in and finds it, i wake up but only just, felt like a bad dream as she was screaming at me. i wake up for real about 2 hours later and it took a few seconds for it to sink in that it wasn't a dream and the curtains were wide open. NOW I WAS AWAKE! up like a bullet i run through to see mum and give her one of the biggest talking tos i ever have... she had "destroyed it". 2 months of my life well spent caring for and loving that little plant. so instead i just had to spend more of her money on dirty kak filled with poison. very wise mum... you just cost yourself about £200 and cost my health a fair bit too.

    i have a similar story about when she found all my pipes and bongs... some of which were'nt even mine. she destroyed em, thus pissing off some heavies from the town and making me go back to smoking the evil addictive tobacco. dumb mum stikes again. :mad: so i narrowly escaped the kicking of my life, but to this day i have yet to be able to rid myself of that terrible addiction that I had escaped back then.

    being the only toker in the family sure bites.

  15. damn that sucks too much. when my dad found my plant i told him i was growing flowers for my girlfreind. i feel bad. i never asked him what he really thought is was. But he told me i could them in the garage were it is less of a fire hazerd!!!! ROLF. that was cool.
  16. my mom always threatens me about throwing my stuff away if she ever finds it...but she never does

    last time I tried to grow weed she found my seedlings in the closet...she didn't throw them away or nothing, she just said "Mary Kathryn, I know what those plants in your closet are" and walked away...I didn't know what to do! I just kinda ignored her and let them go another couple of days, but my cat ate them :p

    sometimes I forget and leave my bong in the living room, and all she does is tell me to keep that stuff upstairs :D
  17. hah, that's funny shit....
    i live with my rents still but they give me my own space, my room is plastered with weed posters and black lights and shit, i just close my door, lock it and toke
    i dunno if they know i smoke or not, if they do they either don't care or don't want to confront me *shrugs*
  18. hahaha hempress, my parents are the same way. i grew some weed in my closet and all they did was tell me to be careful i dont smell the whole house like weed, and to not smoke weed in my room, they said i can go out back and toke on our porch, but not in front of them.... they are pretty kewl, i wish they smoked, they did a long time ago, but not anymore.... they r pretty open minded about my smoking weed and all...... kewl....
  19. lol

    my mom, if she found it, its in a dumpster soon after, she didn't fuck around when it came to that shit
  20. lucky me, my dad is a pothead. smoking at home was normal. and we had to smoke in the basement, barn, or outside

    But thank god i have my own place!!! at least i can smoke when and where i want, as much as i want, and have has many toys as i have surface space. Plus. if i have several people over for a session, my mom's not yelling that we're stinking up the house. lol!!

    for all of you still at home - be thankful you have a home. it'll suck for a while, but consider the options (especially if you're still in highschool). Be patient and a place of your own will magically appear with that brand new diploma/job

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