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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Shooter McGavin, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Hello GC-
    Basically, I would really like to simplify my life and I was wondering if anyone had some helpful input. Right now I live a hectic and stressful life, and I consider myself (as do my peers) to be sort of a uptight or "tightly wound" person.

    I want to be able to become a more relaxed person, and be able to live in more of a better harmony. I'd like for my mental, physical, and spiritual health to be balanced and somewhat connected.

    The lifestyle changes I am trying to make are difficult to explain, but those who would be able to help will probably be the only ones who understand. If this doesn't make sense to you, then I am sorry, and if it doesn't make sense to anyone on GC, then so be it, but I think it might connect with some people.

    Take it easy and have a happy holidays and New Year
  2. Try to expand your mind a little. Escape from the day to day. Pack a fat bowl and lay out under the stars for a few hours a week and just gaze into the cosmos and know that your existence is truely amazing and that you should cherish the time you have. Life isnt worth being stressed all the time. Maybe take 30 mins a day to yourself and just chill on your bed and think about things that make you happy. I do both of these things and i find it helps me stay relatively stress free. Being completely stress free seems impossible these days due to financial and social obligations. But just relax and chill with the sweet mary jane.
  3. meditation.

    Pick up some hobbies to get your mind off other stuff. Do the things you always said, "If I had the time, I would do..."

    Live closer to your job + friends and consider stepping down to a less pay but less stress job?
    those are all tips i got from this book called the Happiness Hypothesis. It gets my thumbs up
  4. Do that.

    I demand you do that.

    I am a devoted advocate for staring at the stars while on drugs.

    The greatest nights of my life were spent on a trampoline staring straight up.

    (Meteor showers are a bonus.)
  5. best thing i ever did was go hiking. pack a backpack with ur tent and such, hike for a couple miles in a place far away from civilization. pack a fat one, and sit back and enjoy the world around you, untouched by regular human contact.
  6. You can't neglect one aspect of your life. The physical, the intellectual, the spiritual, all need to be looked after.
  7. maybe following the ways of the buddha. it helped me out.

  8. I suggest you read about Jesus, Lao-tzu, Zhuangzi, Buddha, Socrates, Bruno, Martin Luther, Dante Alighieri, Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, etc. Please don't stick to following just one human idol's path... you'll never get out of that rut. All of these people wanted you to learn by questioning things in your reality and leading others to question their firmly-held beliefs. Ask, and you will find answers.

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