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  1. For all of us, living a very healthy life with the proper ideas will go a long way. No matter how busy our lives are, we can find some time to fit in a good lifestyle. Most people believe without adapting to a certain tasteless diet plan, and excessive gym workouts, they can't get a healthy and fit life. One of the best ways to improve your health is adding vegetables and fruits to your diet. Learning this behavior over time will help your succeed for better health.

  2. I've been wanting to eat healthier but I'm always on a budget.. what are some basic fruits and vegetables that I could be eating to get healthier? I was thinking of just only eating fruits and vegetables for a while just to try to get skinnier

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    I'm 5.7 and weight 214lbs

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  3. my personal favorites are apples bananas blueberries strawberries lettuce kale
  4. So those are some basic foods I could start eating to eat healthier?

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  5. you can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables, try a lot and find the ones you like
  6. Alright Kool ill check it out

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  7. Go by what's in season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are less expensive throughout the year.
  8. Bananas are cheap as fuck.

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  9. Garbanzo beans are really rich in protein. And you do need to consume some carbs (think bananas, whole wheat bread, the occasional glass of milk).
    Hell yeah. Lots of healthy foods are affordable- veggies, fruits, huge bags of oats and rice, buy in bulk and put it in smaller containers.
    Buy tons of food and cook it all on Sunday so you have tons of ready made meals for the week. i have to be lazy and do that this weekend..
  11. I stopped eating meat 2 weeks ago.  It's pretty easy for me because I already enjoy tofu and asian foods which usually have less meat and more veggies than western food. I don't plan on eating meat ever again unless posed with a survival situation but I will really miss fish(i contemplate if I should eat fish sparingly).  I feel great, I feel more energized and my wife loves it because my sex drive has increased. People also say I look like I have lost weight but I have no clue how much as I never weigh myself.  I also found that somehow my cravings for sugar has decreased tremendously.  I used to munch like a mothafucka!
    Just wanted to share. :smoking: Try it out you might like it.  Everyone in my life is very surprised and like "WTF? why where did this come from" kind of reaction.
  12. When buying fruits and vegetables watch out for GMOs try to go local or organic if possible' or just grow your own!
  13. I eat an acidic free diet. I keep a boyish figure.

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