Living a double life

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by BuryMeInTrichs, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Yay or nay?

    I cant find much subject matter on this topic....
  2. I think I Live a Life for Everyone I know... after all, they do all have their own opinions. No two people are the same... else they wouldn't exist, right?
  3. true... but say your family every christmas... that would to me be one life... (the family life) the happy, average person who enjoys spending time with family.

    but, im talking more like...

    using alternate identities to justify what you do...

    for example, i am a moral person, but i can justify any act i do, be it good or evil, just by saying its the other me.

    haha its kind of hard to understand.... but im trying to convey it as best i can...

    To me life is just a game... im playing the game... im trying to get ahead by any means neccesary... and i can justify anything I do.

    Its weird, yes. But if you are understanding me then i believe we could have a very broad discussion....

  4. and obviously I am not talking about if i were to get arrested or something i would tell the cops it was the other me... they would just put me in the looney bin. Im just talking about a deeply secret, personal, alternate life.

    i think explaining this on the computer is going to be difficult... haha
  5. I don't doubt the mind's power to rationalize anything to preserve the Ego.

    Try not treating Life like a game for starters... it's really not, man.
  6. haha, were all entitled opinions arent we? The government treats us like pawns... to me, this is all a game. and if your thinking i mean like video games... you are harshly mistaken
  7. Life being a game is not an opinion... it's misnomer.

    Even if the government treats us like pawns in a game, how does that justify you doing so aswell?
  8. So your basically telling me that i cant think what I want? To influence me your going to have to do a lot better then that.

  9. So i am assuming (key word here) that you have no problem just living life how they want you to... keeping your 9-5, paying your taxes, being scared of a swine flu, attacking other countries for WMD's?

    That is how you choose to live... I respect that. Do not try to sway me and I will not try to sway you... because it could go both ways for a very long time. ha
  10. If you're not here to sway or be swayed... why post at all?
  11. because its useless... why beat a dead horse?
  12. My bad... I thought you were alive.
  13. ;) .
  14. I don't think you can justify doing anything. You said you're a moral person in your first post. How do you justify an immoral act?
  15. I actually agree with you, life is a game. In games you can either enjoy the competition, play fair, and respect others, or enjoy the cheating, stealing, and lying.

    I rarely cheat in games because I believe the entire fun is learning how to actually win by abiding by the rules.

    Government and your being a pawn of it is completely different. If you can recall as a child that one friend that you had that always hated losing and made up all these extra rules that would put them at an advantage so that they HAD to win. That is what the government is, an immature little child who can't stand losing, all the while you are enjoying yourself because you understand that the fun of the game is learning how to play it, not winning at it.
  16. This is more on key to what i was thinking... yes, maybe i worded it wrong before... but it is very enjoyable playing the game of life... the only true limits are in your mindframe, which the media and government shape from day one.
  17. That still doesn't explain this "double life" where you can justify anything. There are still rules, the government just pretends to make them when in reality human nature and societal nature make them.

    I was in no means condoning any acts which would be considered immoral.
  18. green chronic I know what you're talking about with the double life, although it is quite hard to explain in detail online.

    and I agree that life is a game, but unfortunately the only one I seem to suck at lol.
  19. Ya...totaly understand my young age i find myself much more compident then many others twice my age..i had that family life till i started this life...its a intresting one in fact...this life is just a game and "we" will stay up on it...

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