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Discussion in 'General' started by Oamlfor, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. What's up fellow blades

    so heres whats up, a couple months ago i moved to the island of Oahu and i live in Mililani and I dont know anybody here except for a guy i used to know but he lives all the way down in Waikiki and since i am currently without a car theres really no way for me to get up there.

    Seeing as how i am a huge stoner, not knowing anyone here has become a bit of a problem i was just wondering if there were any stoner friendly places around where I live, and really just any other relevant information that would pertain to the smoking culture, where to stay away from, jobs that don't drug test and maybe where i can procure some of that sweet sweet bud.

    I also take buses sometimes up into Pearl City or around Wahiawa so info about them would be nice as well

    Looking forward to your responses
    Thanks guys.
  2. Check webehigh it has lists of tons of cities with info on where to find bud prices legality and more
  3. Well see ive been there and the only two cities they have on my Island are pretty far away but i guess ill just have to look other places

    Also a question about your name
    Is it Jim Morrison reference? if so thats awesome

  4. Yep it is and hope you find some dank man

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