LIVESTONED green wristband

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  1. I really want one of these LIVESTONED wristbands! The website is pretty sweet and they post cool pics on facebook.


    I emailed them and their mission is to spread awareness and provide a FREE resource directory. I want emm!!!! I am "Down for the cause!" :smoke:
  2. There are a ton of old posts about this on grass city, even one from 2004! These guys are soo OG. Now to figure out pay pal. GreeEn Eyez!
  3. Hah, I love that!
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    pretty cool idea. is this site credible? Because it only states that they will donate a "portion".

    Edit: Looks good
  5. been wearing one for 5 years now ....srsly
  6. My bud says he has had his for 4 years.

    The site has a free resource directory and they are super active on facebook with pics & news. Positive reviews here and on facebook + the free directory = credible.

    They provide a resource and cool bands for people to enjoy and chat about. :smoke:

    Ganja irie iriE!
  7. I like that if you buy one it is $4.20.
  8. hahaha i was thinking the same thing..
  9. haha i've been wearing this LIVESTRONG braclet for about 8 or 9 years now. time to upgrade?
  10. psshh, why buy one for 4.20 when you can get them for a dollar? THINK people! :D

    but seriously, i think i might get one. its kind of overt yet discreet, you know? i wonder if theyre made of silicone, i dont see that specification.

    have you two been wearing the same one for multiple years? if so then theyre prolly silicone.
  11. Add this to my check list.
  12. consider it done.

    *adds it to your list
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    and $4.20 for a silicone like material band? I'll just stick with my Go Green one that costed me a whole $1 :p
  14. Just got mine and I already need more!:wave:

    Its chRonic green silicone and my brother took it and is wearing it. $4.20 is totally worth it because it includes shipping and put some of the funds into improving their resource at LIVESTONED.ORG

    Gonna order a bunch and maybe sell them at the next green related event I go to.

    Check out this motivational poster from their facebook page! LIVESTONED FACEBOOK

    Umm yeah. . pretty much I am down for life!
  15. ~[BONG COUGH]~ LOL!

    Stoner stocking stuffer for sure.
  16. I want one of these.
    I have a yellow livestrong one, but I think I'd much rather have the green livestoned one.
  17. Proud to be a stoner! A rasta asked for my LIVESTONED bracelet to hold his dreads.
    My new friend! :D
  18. stupid. why do some potheads need to tell everyone they're a pothead?
  19. Why are some stoners self loathing?
    I am proud to be a stoner and I love the green community & culture. :cool:
  20. Don't get me wrong, I love weed. I just don't like this fucking tie-dye, jerry garcia, far out man!, "im a dumbass stoner" culture.

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