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Lived in Michigan now Ohio

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dopestghost0, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. I lived in michigan and still have my card but i just moved to ohio and didnt even think that my michigan medical card expires october, what should i dk
  2. Ohio's reciprocity laws are a bit tricky. You can't grow your marijuana or use smoke it. It offers reciprocity to only those states who meet the following two conditions. In this case, Michigan allows both. Hence, your MMJ card will not work in Ohio.
  3. I got mine for IBS in michigan but ohio dont recongnize it to be able to get the card, could i renew my michigan one orsince i dont have michigan id anymore no.
  4. The MMJ card you have made in Michigan can be renewed in the same state within one year. It won't be acceptable in Ohio due to the difference in qualifying conditions for the reciprocity.
  5. Even with an ohio drivers license?
  6. No Sir, as per my knowledge, the conditions do not suffice. With you having a valid ID card for Ohio, you can prescribe for a new MMJ card from a local physician of Ohio. The proof of residence is not an issue here, it's the similarity (or dissimilarity in this case) of qualifying conditions ie. smoking and growing. Consult a local Marijuana doctor in Ohio to clear all your doubts.
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