Live w/ strict parent. Help w/ growing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by aros, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Hey, i live w/ a strict ass grandma that sees weed as the devil. im not the only one in my fam. that smokes, but i dont know. anyways, i've tried growing once, in my closet, but she found it before it sprouted. anyways, the only places i have now, are:

    - In my DJ Coffin ( about 4' x 2.5' )
    - A Terrarium, behind a Fern.

    i know, i havent many options, but where would YOU start growing?

    the dj coffin can have complete darkness too.. but the terrarium is out in the open.

    um, yeah, any tips? if it wasnt in depth, tell me and i'll try to explain further.
  2. why not trying to make a fake dresser? you could just start keeping all your clothes in the closet, unless she puts your clothes away for you
  3. haha, i have the main clothes i wear hanging. and i have a dresser under all my clothes and what not.....and she does put my clothes away, because i'm at school when she does laundry...which sucks ass....anyways...the fake dresser idea wont work.
  4. wait, couldnt i make like, a fake dressser/cabinet that holds my "A/V" equipment? then just have ventilation somehow, i'll take pictures of my room soon to give you guys some visual help.
  5. u might not want to do that ... if anyone finds out .. you dont get into trouble ... your grandmother does ... she is respoinsible for them ... and could go to jail if anyone finds out ... if you are going to do it anyways ... make sure you tell NOBODY!

  6. ah, nice tip...thx.
  7. you know what im doing is there is this empty house on my street and all i did was take one of my moms pots and planted some seeds and put the pot in the backyard of the empty house. since its considered trespassing to go back there i doubt anyone will go in the back yard unless theyre checking out the house. but they have some type of big ass plants back there which will help cover up the pot.

  8. haha, tight...but i would have already gone back there just to see if theres anything mischievous i could do...ya know? and if i found a plant, i'd probably take a bit of it, iono..but otherwise good idea....oh, and i dont have an empty house on my street.. so thats out of the picture.
  9. if none of these ideas work, you might just have to resign yourself to the fact that you have to wait to grow...I know it sucks, but that's what I'm doing right now. Waiting until I have a place of my own to's hard, but when I finally have that piece of mind knowing that I'm not gonna get caught if I don't tell anyone it will make it all worth while

    Patience is a virtue...
  10. How planting overhead.............. or maybe like attic or shed

    or maybe a old refrigerator

    Just thinking

  11. good idear.....i guess i should get a job so i can actually have bud for a while, instead of buying a gram here and there...
    i probably will have to wait for a while...
    if i get too impatient, i'll end up growing in my coffin....

    we have a shed, but its outside and its really full of stuff
  12. you could just grow outside
  13. you can try and grow in a tree .... climb to the top and cut some branches so sun light can get threw...thats an idea
  14. I know that waiting is a bitch when you're young. Do you live anywhere that has a climate which would permit you to grow outside?. A woodland clearing is a good spot if remote enough. Outside grown weed needs little maintainence and can produce more bud. Do some research on " guerilla growing", even if somebody finds your grow and robs it, the experience you gain will stand you in good stead when you are in a position to do what the hell you want in your own home.
    best o luck
  15. i live in a semi desert area of southern cali....lots of sun, rains sometimes....

    the only way i woudl be able to grow is if it were on my roof in some pots

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