live ong, and (may your harvest) prosper

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gri77oN, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Hi 2 everyone of you, I whish you well.

    I've come here to gather informations on home growing. I have been a pot head for over 10years.

    The laws here in france haven't changed, but the new governement is enforcing them to the letter (which of course is ridiculous).

    In order to avoid problems, the only option available to me _short of quiting ,switching to the bottle or nicotine, or worst prozac_ is to becom self sufficient.

    I 'm lucky enough to live alone, so all I need seems to be good advice, good seeds, and patience.

    I registered on these forums for the advices. But I am aware I first have to read some material on the subject.

    anyway live long ...

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  2. Welcome To The City Gri77oN Happy Growning :smoke: We have some great growers here Woody being our main man ;)
  3. Welcome to the city and good luck on the grow :D
  4. hey, welcome to the city :) This is a great place to be if you are thinking about growing! :) we have some killer people here that really know what they are doing!! good luck with your future endevors ;) may they indeed prosper!
  5. hey, gals and guys; thank you for this warm welcome.

    here is a treat (well I consider it a treat LOL)

    should you have a winamp you can browse to the following location:;stream.nsv
    If online, there's a good chance you'll catch me&my webcam, streaming useless shots of me typing at my keyboard, rolling a joint, smoking it, typing at my keyboard, rolling a joint, smo....

    you get the picture.
  6. I've been here for less than a week and I realy dig the people here.
    the atmosphere we create is really cool, . It's reallly great. realy great
    I mean all religion, all coutries, all social classes, all ages.... there are NO boudaries...

    My deep respect to those of you that makes grasscity forums possible.
    Thou have spawned a community with great energy.
    (who are thee?)

    It must be lot of work. you have my support: puffffff, puffffff.
    and again: pufffff pufffff.


    (now if only my connexion would stop falling on me ...)
  7. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome! :)

    and i dont say that often these days. i always mean it, but its just rare i feel the need to express it.
  8. say maybe the newbies should be warned about the addiction this forum generates from a few threads, it's quite dangerous: that's my third night in a row..
  9. yes, the GrassCity community is a wonderful little corner of the Internet.

    I love it here, and love to see others enjoy it as much as I do.

    Welcome! :)

    I don't know much about growing, but, I suprized myself by coming up with a very good-sounding theory of how to grow organically easially. That's here.
  10. yes it gets kinda addictive after a for growing, as woody said, read a lot, and then give it a shot........if you need help just read the guide under my sig, it will help you out............Peace out........Sid
  11. yeah I'm readin' I'm readin'

    I've come up to conclusion that right now the forst thing is to build miself something. I'm gonna get rid of a furniture and replace it with a home made..
    which means more reading..
  12. this detail might help you walking around the city, should you come upon one of my silly posts:

    Gri77oN is pronounced like


    the french word griLLon means cricket (the insect). I just turned the LL into 77.

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